The first band that I would like to about is my favorite band and I know that I already talk about them in my first post but what I would like to talk about now is about them  and how they became who they are now. I would also like to talk about the way that they music influence  my life. 

 The first thing that I would like to explain is how the name B1A4 was created. Well the reason behind the name is not very creative. Their five member on the band and one of the member is a type B blood and the other four are blood A type. This is the meaning behind the name B1A4. 

 The group debut on April 23 2011. The group was introduce to the public by webtoon. The webtoon release on April 11 made many believe that the group was mixed gender group. The reason being on the main character of the webtoon Anna. This was later proven to be a mistake made by many. On the same day that the webtoon introduce the guys WM Entertainment introduce photo of the guys. The first tease of single “O.K” with was their debut single was on April 19. Later on April 21 the full music video was release and the group made their debut on April 23. They made their debut on the stage of South Korean music show “M Countdown” by network Mnet. 

Profile of the members:


Real Name: Jung Jin Young (정진영)
Nickname: Arctic Fox
Position: Vocals, Leader
Birthyear: 18 November 1991
Height: 178cm
Weight: 59kg
Skills: Song writing, composing, singing, acting, play guitar
  • JinYoung started composing during his trainee days. He though that it would be great if one of the song that he compose could make it to the groups album. 
  • He composed “Bling Girl” for B1A4 first mini album.
  • The song “Bling Girl” was compose base  on a crush that he had at the time. 
  • Many of the songs that he compose are base on real life situations.
  • JinYoung also compose “Lonely” and five more tracks including title track “Who Am I” of the new album by the same name.
  • He want people to see him as a true musician who love’s and enjoy’s music and not as just an idol.
  • He is good at playing the guitar.
  • Will.I.Am from “The Black Eyes Peas is one of the person that he wishes to collaborate with one day.
  • JinYoung made his acting debut on 2012. 
  • He first started with a guest role on “The Thousandth Man” 
  • He then was cast as a main role on 2013 drama “She Is Wow”
  • Famous for his sweet and gentle smile.
  • JinYoung pick member Gongchan as the most handsome member of the group and rank himself 3rd.
  • He saw that he looked really skinny on a picture and decided to gain weight. 
  • Even if he eat a lot he does not gain weight.
  • He also enjoy’s cooking.
  • He picked his laptop as his number one treasured.
  • Mirror Prince and Arctic Fox are some of the name that his fans has give him.
  • Members said that he has a “Prince Disease“.
  • He had the nickname “Flower Boy Look” before their debut.
  • His also known as the “Cool and Shy Leader“.
  • JinYoung is the member with the most fans.
  • He has a habit of biting  his lips.
  • JinYoung ideal type is a girl who would always be thinking of him.
  •  He works hard to achieve his goal.


Real Name: Gong Chan Shik (공찬식)
Nickname: Tigger
Position: Vocals,Visual, Maknae (Youngest)
Birthday: 14 August 1993
Blood Type: A
Height: 181cm
Weight: 60kg
Skills/Hobbies: Swimming, Math,Listening to Music,Reading Novals
  • GongChan is in charge of visual and cute act on the group.
  • He like swimming.
  • His favorite subject is Math and He dislike Science.
  • GongChan is also know as “TurChan” by international fans.
  • His nickname is “Tigger” that came from Tiger from “Winnie The Pooh” 
  • He is known for his awkward smile. 
  • He is also the member that is good with fan service.
  • Fellow member JinYoung pick him as the most “Chic” member of the group. 
  • GongChan is very stylish. He is also the member that pays more attention to his outfit and could be very noisy at picking an outfit. 
  • He does not like it when the other member call him baby.
  • He like’s to take candy with him where ever he goes.
  • GongChan also shared that one of his favorite character is “Shih Tzu, Crong” (One of the character of famous kids television show ” Pororo The Little Penguin “).
  • When ever he is alone Gongchan find himself doing weird pranks by himself.
  • GongChan is afraid of heights.
  • He enjoy’s listening to Ballads.
  • He said that he wants to become a singer that could be able to sing any type of song no matter that genre.
  • During his first recording GongChan was so nervous that his voice did not came out. But thank to the encouragement from the other members he was able to make it.
  • On the new album “Who Am I“. He has a sings a song with Sandeul. The song is call “Too Much
  • He said that his ideal type is a girl that has a “Bunny-like or Frog-like” face.
  • GongChan thinks of JinYoung as a Father, CNU as a Mother and Baro and Sandeul as siblings.


Name: Cha Sun Woo (차선우)
Position: Rapper
Blood Type: B
Birthyear: 05 September 1992
Skills/Hobbies: Rap, Rap Making, Beatbox, Running

  • He is the only member with blood type B on the group.
  • Baro like’s running.
  • He is also good at Beatbox.  
  • On B1A4 first mini album Baro to part on making all the Rap for all the songs.
  • He is known for his trade mark “Caps“.
  • When Baro does not wear a hat he feels his confidence drop. He has being wearing hats since a early age. This is why he feels uncomfortable without it. 
  • Baro is call “Baro-Soshi” by fellow member Gongchan.
  • The nickname that fans gave Baro was squirrel, “BARAMJII
  • International gave him the nickname of “HamBaro” that refer to his resembling a cute Hamster/Hamtaro. 
  • Baro respect rapper Tiger JK and wishes to learn rap skill from him.
  • When Baro was a trainee he approached U-Know and Yunho from famous group TVXQ. He ask for an autograph and U-Know wrote “Let’s meet on stage in 2 years’ time“. Making and impression on Yunho, which up to day remember him. 
  • He is the mood maker of the group. 
  • He is very lively and full of energy.
  • Baro may be lively but when it come’s to waking up he is not so much.
  • One thing that he is scared is ghost.
  • He also has a sense of style. He like to look fashion forward.
  • Baro made his acting debut on 2013 with drama “Reply Me 1994” or “Answer Me 1994“.
  • He ask for help from fellow member JinYoung and CNU, that are from the same hometown as “Binggeure“(the character from “Reply Me 1994“) to be able portray him better.  
  • He is now taking a role on new coming drama “God’s Gift -14 Day’s 
  • On the new album “Who Am I” Baro took part on the making of  seven of the songs in the album. 




Real Name: Lee Jung Hwan (이정환)
Position: Main Vocal
Birthyear: 20 March 1992
Blood Type: A
Height: 178cm
Weight: 62kg
Skills/Hobbies: Watching Movies, Cooking, Animes


  • Sandeul likes cooking and swimming.
  • One of his favorite food is Kimchi Pancakes.
  • He also enjoy watching movies and Anime.
  • Fans call him “BunnyDeul” because he resemble a cute bunny.
  • His nickname is “PsyDuck“.
  • He is also know of his cute eye smiles.
  • Sandeul is scared of Knives.
  • He is also afraid of spiders. 
  • During his trainee days he was shubby.
  • The other member call him “GongChan Baragi“(only looks at Gongchan).
  • Sandeul was the last member to join B1A4.
  • Since a young age Sandeul had the dream of becoming a singer.
  • Sandeul had compete on many music competitions before entering the group. 
  • He was approached by a company agent after a competition.
  • He has a dream of creating his own town called “Sandeul Tone“.
  • Sandeul was introduce to the theater on 2012.
  • His first musical was “Brother Were Brave“. 
  • On 2013 took one of the main role on the musical “The Thousandth Man“.
  • Sandeul is often complemented for his gentle voice.
  • He has a voice that touches others.
  • He has appear on Tv show “Immortal Song 1and 2“.
  • On the new album Sandeul and Gongchan collaborated on a song call “Too Much“.


Name: Shin Dong Woo (신동우)
Position: Vocals, Rap
Blood Type: A
Birthday: 16 June 1991
Height: 182cm
Weight: 64kg
Skills/Hobbies: Rap, Rap Making, Taekwondo 
  • The name CNU means “A dependable and sweet nature friend“.
  • International fans call him “ChickenNu“.
  • His nickname is “Pooh or Pooh Bear“.
  • CNU is the oldest of the group.
  • He is also the tallest of the group.
  • He is famous for his long hair.
  • Said to have a sensitive personality.
  • He the most polite member.
  • Charismatic and enthusiastic about any event.
  • He looks indifferent on the outside but when you get to know him. He is very talkative and compassionate. 
  • CNU enjoy’s playing sports.
  • Some sport that he likes are basketball and soccer.
  • He is also good at Taekwondo.
  • He dislikes like bugs.
  • He tends to oversleep.
  • The three most important thing for CNU are his Memories, Family, and Music.
  • He has a dog name “Malgeumi“.
  • His style is simple. He said that he enjoy’s a simple Jeans and T-Shirt as a fashion statement.
  • He’s older sister usually by his clothes.
  • He can not resist himself from buying Clothes, Shoes or Glasses.
  • CNU choose JinYoung as is ideal son type.
  • Made his acting debut on drama “I Need A Fairy” as “Shin-Woo“.
  • He has also appear on many music videos.
  • CNU choose Usher as his role model.
  • He like’s to write lyrics.
  • On the new album he compose two songs.
  • He has a solo song on the album by the name “Drunk With Music“.
  • He also contribute by writing lyric of the many of the song in the album along with JinYoung and Baro. 

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