V I X X  

First thing that I want to say is that VIXX is one of my favorite K-pop group. The reason why I decided to write about them is because I would like people to know of how great they are. The first time I saw Vixx I did not think much about them. But then one day I decided to listen to their song and since that time I became a Starlight (Name of their fans). I would like for you guys to also to give them chance and listen to them and see their charm.
The beginning of Vixx was through a Korean television show by the name “MyDol“. This television show was design to find the six or seven people that would have the chance to debut as a idol group. In the process of finding the ones that would make up this group. The members face many challenges. The company then decided to make a six member group. The six lucky member that made it were name NLeoKenHongbin, Ravi, and Hyuk. By the end of  “MyDol” the fans had the option to choose the name of the new made up group. The names where “J.Dice” which means six side of a dice. “VIX” which stand for Voice, Visual and Value in exelsis. “SEESUN” with the meaning to become idols who stay in sight and shine like the sun. The fans ultimate decided for the name “VIX” which was then added another x to become “VIXX“. But before their debut member N, Leo, and Ravi where feature on fellow Jellyfish artist Seo In-Guk’s music video “Shake It Up” and Hongbin was also feature on Seo In-Guk’s video “Tease Me“. They where also feature on Brian Joo’s Let This Die” which they also dance background to during life performances.VIXX made their debut on May 24, 2012 with song “Super Hero“. After their debut VIXX had their first oversea performance on the Otakon convention  in Baltimore, Maryland. On August 14, 2012 VIXX release their second single album “Rock Ur Body“. Then on October 13 on the same year VIXX held a fan signing even and perform “SuperHero” and “Rock Ur Body” on the 2012 KCON.On January 20, 2013 VIXX announce their official fan club name, ST☆RLIGHT. 

Member Introduction: 


  N (엔)     
Real Name: Cha Hack Yeon (차학연)
Born: June 30, 1990     
Height: 180 cm           
Weight: 62 kg             
Blood Type: A           
Position: Leader, Dancer, Vocalist
  • N is has a younger brother and a older sister.
  • N is likes to drink a lot of banana milk and because of him there’s a lot of banana milk in their fridge. 
  • He is the one that came up with the stage name “N“.
  • He is the skill performer of the group.
  • N took a year off High School to practice dancing dancing in Japan.
  • He is very interested in choreography.
  • He was the one that made the choreography for “Starlight” for Vixx‘s Otakon performance.
  • N also gave some choreography advice to the dancer who choreographed “Super Hero“. 
  • He once taught SNSD‘s (Seo Hyun) how to dance to the mummy dance in “On &On” while waiting backstage on Music Core.
  • N want to make a acting career in the future.
  • He worked with in a musical with Woo Hyun of Infinite.
  • He also worked alone with his senior Seo In-Guk.
  • N enjoy reading. He said that he sometime’s find answers while reading.
  • One of his favorite author is Bernard Werber. His favorite book of him is “Us,Gods“.
  • N said number one possession is his diary he kept when he was a trainee. In it he wrote down his achievements, struggles, and dreams during that time span.
  • He said that his ideal type is someone who is kind and smart. 
  • N would like to be “Spide-Man” if he had super powers.
  • N said that he could not become nothing more than a singer. When ask what he would have become if not a singer.
  • Leader N is the most timid member of the group. 


Leo (레오)
Real Name: Jung Taek Woon (정택운)
Born: November 10, 1990
Height: 183 cm        
Weight: 63 kg         
Blood Type: O       
Position: Main Vocalist         
  • Leo got his stage name from the CEO of  his company. He name him “Leo” because he resemble a Lion and in hope for him to one day rule the music industry like Leo from “King of the Jungle“.
  • He is the “Poker Face Chic” of the group.
  • He is the extremely reserved and is not outgoing  compared to the other members.
  • When Vixx appeared on variety show or reality show he try to avoid the camera all together.
  • He think that he has the coolest charm of the group, the coldest heart, and the has the manliest, chic appearance.
  • Although  Leo may seem cold and uncaring at times. He is actually very caring and loving thrower his fans.
  • He was touched when his fans tweeted that they when listing to his voice made her feel at peace. 
  • He also have a soft side for animals and kids. 
  • Leo love’s sports.
  • He said that if he had not become a artist he would had probably became a athlete or a composer.
  • Leo was a Youth National player for Soccer in middle school.  (2004-2007)
  • He also knows Taekwondo and is up to level four at it. 
  • He also won several championship on swimming and boxing.
  • Leo ideal girl is someone who is feminine, smart, wise, and also leave’s a good first impression.
  • He believes in love at first sight. He does not base it on looks, but on feeling.
  • Leo likes to play the piano and sing at the same time.
  • He also enjoy watching movies and exercising during his free time.
  • Leo said that he like’s his mother cooking the most.
  • Leo two most prized possessions are his Music Player and a Rosary that his mother gave him. When his having a hard time he finds it comforting holding it.


Ken (켄)
Real Name: Lee Jae Hwan (이재환)
Born: April 6, 1992
Height: 180 cm
Weight: 65 kg
Blood Type: AB
Position: Main Vocalist
  • Ken also got his stage name from the CEO of the company. He got the name “Ken” because he resemble the Japanese acted Hirai Ken. He also think that his personality is similar to Ken from “Street Fighter“. 
  • He is the most outgoing and comical and mood maker of the group.
  • He has the ability to make people laugh where ever he goes.
  • Ken was chosen by all the member as the member that change the most from the first time that they saw him.
  • He enjoy watching anime. One Piece is his favorite anime. 
  • He really like the character “Chopper” from One Piece and said that if he have the opportunity to cosplay as ‘Chopper” he would.
  • His most prized possession is “Sunny” ship model from anime One Piece.
  • Ken loves to draw.
  • He have won several awards for song writing.
  • Ken was feature on the OST of hit Korean drama “Heirs“, With track “In The Name Of Love“.
  • Ken ideal type of girl is a girl that has a lot of aegyo.
  • He had a girlfriend before his debut.
  • Ken can’t swim.
  • He has two older brothers.
  • He also has his driver license.
  • If he could have a super power he choose to have Xray eyes so he could be able to see things that other are not able to see.
  • Ken always talk with all the members that sleeptalk.
  • Ken was the last member to be chosen to be part of Vixx.


Ravi (라비) 
Real Name: Kim Won Sik (김원식)
Born: February 15, 1993
Height: 183 cm 
Weight: 65 kg   
Blood Type: O  
Position: Rapper, Dancer
  • Ravi was the one that gave himself the stage name “Ravi” which mean, Charming and enchanting. 
  • Rovix” was also name by Ravi.
  • He is the mood maker of the group.
  • He is very charismatic.
  • Ravi could eat any kind of food because he love’s all kind of food.
  • At night he always like to enjoy a cup of coffee.
  • If he had a super power he would like to be Iron Man
  • He is the member that sleep the most. He once went to a musical with leader N and felt asleep.
  • Out of all the member he is the one that bathes the fastest. 
  • He is very attentive of the members. He had Leo and Hyuk talk when they were not getting along in the beginning. 
  • He like drawing graffiti.
  • Ravi favorite singers are Chris Brown and GDragon from Big Bang.
  • He is always trying to improve himself as a Rapper, and in turn could be very hard on himself.
  • In his spared time Ravi likes to compose songs.
  • On Vixx first full album Ravi compose two of the songs . “Secret Night” and “Someday
  • His most prized possession is a notebook that he writes his lyric with. He takes it everywhere he goes.
  • If he would had not become a singer he would’ve just kill time.
  • He still keep his school uniform even though he has already graduated.
  • He has a birth mark on his right arm near his elbow.
  • Ravi’s ideal type of girl is someone who is cute, smart and sensitive.


Hongbin (홍빈)
Full Name: Lee Hong Bin (이홍빈)
Born: September 29, 1993
Height: 181 cm
Weight: 62 kg  
Blood Type: B  
Position: Rapper, Vocalist, and Visuals
  • Hongbin has two older sisters.
  • Hongbin favorite color is Navy.
  • He is the most handsome member of the group.
  • Hongbin took a photograph course.
  • He enjoy taking photos in his free time.
  • His idol is Park Hyo Shin. He join Jellyfish because he wanted to be on the same company as him.
  • The most prized possession of Hongbin is a sign CD of Park Hyo Shin with a encouraging message from him. This help him get through his trainee days. 
  • During Vixx debut Hongbin was graving peoples attention for his similarity to Koren pop singer Se7en. 
  • Hongbin wants to go to London and Paris because it’s on the lyric of their debut song.
  • If he could change place with one of the member he would like to be Ken because he could sing well and has the ability to naturally make people laugh. 
  • He would have liked a Basketball player or a Veterinary if he had not become a singer.
  • Hongbin has a love for animals and his dream’s to become a veterinary.
  • His ideal type is a girl that is sensitive, kind and does a lot of aegyo. 
  • If he had a super power he would like to be Captain American.


Hyuk (혁)
Full Name: Han Sang Hyuk (한상혁)
Born: July 5, 1995
Height: 181 cm 
Weight: 62 kg  
Blood Type: O
Position: Dancer, Maknae
  • He is the Maknae (Youngest) of the the group.
  • He has a older sister.
  • Hyuk wanted to quit before debuting because he was afraid of calling Leo hyung.
  • He was the member that had the least time as a trainee. He only had three mouth of training.
  • In the beginning he had a hard time with his singing and dancing. But pull thank to the fellow members help the made it through.
  • His time as a trainee was short and because of this he did not had a strong friendship with the other members at first.
  • Hyuk once dance “Super Hero” while sleeping.
  • He also once said “The mic has to be remove. Please don’t bother me” in his sleep.
  • Hyuk speaks informally when he is half-sleep.
  • Hyuk is lactose intolerant.
  • He likes to eat pizza.
  • Hyuk once cosplay as Sasuke from Naruto (anime).
  • He said that if he had not become a singer he would had being a student.
  • If he had a super power he said he would like to be Hulk.
  • He said that if he make’s his acting debut he would like to play the role of a King.
  • His ideal type is a girl who is feminine and cute.  
  • Hyuk most prized possession is a necklace that his sister gave him.
  • If he had a wish granted from god he would like to make leader N mute.


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