VIXX Is Back!

Hi everyone I’m writing this post because I have Big news. As you saw by this post name VIXX have made a comeback after 6 month. As a big Starlight I’m the so happy right now. I remember 5 days ago I could not sleep from the excitement. I woke up the next day and really wanted to watch the video right away but a few things did not let me but when I did I almost cry I had tear of joy and watch it more the 5 times that day. Even now I can’t get enough of “ETERNITY”(That the name of Vixx comback song.) I could keep talking more about how happy I am right now but I would like to talk more about “ETERNITY”.

  “ETERNITY” is the title of VIXX comeback track and 4 Mini Album. In the album their are 4 tracks. The First one is “ETERNITY”. The Second one is “Sad Ending”. The third one is called “Love,LaLaLa”  and the last one is instrumental version of “ETERNITY”. This album is different from “Voodoo Doll” and some people may like it but some may not. I really understand if you don’t because everyone is different and have different taste. I would also like to ask everyone to listen to the song more the one because sometime it take to heard it more the once for you to feel the song. It have happened to me many times. I would say that I really don’t like the song at first but then I find myself listening to it.

 Now I would like to talk about the Music Video. VIXX is well know their dark concept and people expected this to also be a dark concept but it was not as dark. You could say that it was dark but more than dark I would like to say is more of a sad concept. I read the English translation of “ETERNITY” and the story is really sad. The song is about him or them having a dream about the girl that they once love and thought that their love was going to last forever. In the dream that felt so real they where in the begging when everything was so beautiful and it felt that nothing could come between them. But as time past and he then realize that it was all a beautiful nightmare and he wish for it to never end. In the lyrics it also talk about how he though that the dream was reality and how he though that reality was a nightmare that she had left him. But in reality she did left him and his dream is just a beautiful nightmare. In the end it talk about how he wants to have that dream like miracle for Eternity. In the Music Video the story line is similar to that of the lyrics. The music video start with clock and then N waking up next to a girl. Then they show some the choreography of time turning back. Then they show some scene that look like memories of N and the girl and the other member and the girl. I think this could be interpret as memories of the past. I look like the happy memories. In the video they show how that clock have stop. I this could be interpret and he wants this moment with her to last forever or Eternity. But then the clock fast forward  and goes back to reality. He then realize that she was not really next to him and he then see that it was not real. In the end that show N laying on the bed and closing his eyes which could lead to believe that he is going back to the dream again. I really don’t know if this was the real meaning behind the music video or not this is just me trying to understand more the video from what I know. I also want to tell you guys please be warned because they would be a serious case of BODY ROLLS. If you are a serious fan girl or not I could tell you that you would get suck in with those body rolls. I would also say that VIXX like always kill with their choreograph like always. I really love the video and hope you guys too. Here is a link to see the video hts://

I also heard news that VIXX is going to have their  first solo concert in Seoul and Tokyo. There’s rumors that after this they are going to have a world tour. You know what that means. That VIXX may come to the US. I know that I’m not that only one that want to see then. I really hope that they really come because they have so many Starlights in the US and I hope that they come to NYC or close because I really want to see them. If I see them in person one of my dream would come true. That’s what I would say. I hope that they take some time to go to places that they have not gone already because I know how it feels to want to see you artist but can’t. I also hope that Starlights would support each other. I would be supporting other Starlights too. Everyone have a happy day.


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