So I’m writing this post because something really amazing has happened VIXX had their 2nd Win today. This was their 1st Win after their comeback with “ETERNITY”. I’m so happy at this moment. At first I did not know what to do. I was like did this really happened did VIXX really won? It was not until I saw Leo and N cry that everything became clear. At that time I let out a scream and a tear at the same time. I’m so happy at the moment the reason because is because VIXX made me into one of those fan that care so much about their artists that they would do everything in their power to help them. I also know that International fan do not have that much power alone but if we all come together there are ways that we could help. I learn how to become a better fan thank to VIXX. I as a Starlight would like to say thank you to the other Starlight and other fans that where helping us. I would also like to say thank you to VIXX for making us Starlight the center of their universe. STARLIGHTS FIGHTING! Let’s do even more for VIXX.


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