VIXX’s 2nd “ETERNITY” Win!

Hi Everyone I know that I’m really late at delivering this news but VIXX had their 2nd win with “ETERNITY” on May 11 in “Show Champion”. This was VIXX first win on “Show Champion”. This is not the only news about VIXX this week. Leo had a surprise instored for us. He is now blond. Yes Blond. This is my first time seeing Leo blond I don’t know if he is in the process of dying his hair but blond suit him. (Sorry but he is my bias.) You could see how surprise they where after winning in the video below. VIXX also uploaded  their practice video.(I would put the video below.) I also would like to say thank to my fellow Starlights that made this happened. I would also like to say that if I don’t post anything in the next few week’s is because I’m preparing to go on vacation so I’m sorry. I would try my best to at least post something. Thank you from reading and hope that you have a happy and joyful day.


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