What have you being up to?

So while I was away I did many things that I need to tell you guys. First thing first guys I went to see B1A4 for their Round Trip in NYC. B1A4 is one of my top bias group. I was so happy when I went to see them that I could not get my camera to focus so I decided to give up. (I will put the photos on the button.) When I went to see B1A4 it was my 4th kpop concert. I was really excited  that it all felt like a dream. I mean almost all the concert that I have gone to have felt like a dream. I want to take time to say that is thank to these concert that I was able to meet many fan like me. They are all so friendly and nice. I always thankful to those fan that are friendly and just want to meet other fans. I will also want to say that I will be going to my 5th concert this November. I think that I will die after this concert because the group that is coming is no other than V.I.X.X. Vixx is my favorite group and I have waited so long to see them. I know that there’s many people that have waited for them as well. I will finally be meeting them. OMG.( I will talk more about it when we get more closer to the concert.) Thank you for reading, hope that you guys have a great and happy day.

P1120210 P1120216 P1120220 P1120230 P1120239 P1120240 P1120241 P1120244 P1120250 P1120251


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