My No.2 Beast


Ok everyone I will like to say that Beast have officially have become My No.2 favorite K pop group. I found myself drawn to Beast since last year when they had a comeback with “Shadow”  but before that I have seen some of their last MV’s and was very impress by because in every music video I  could see how much they have grown. You could also see how much hard work they put every time. I always had Beast on a limbo on my list because I did not know how to feel about them. After getting introduce to them I have keep  watching them silently and falling for them a little more with every comeback. It was not until I saw them on “Beast ShowTime”(Burning The Beast) that I got to know them a little bit more. After watching Showtime I found myself looking for more show where I could see then. Then I found Doojoon, Gikwang and Junhyung had being in dramas. I saw Junhyung in “Monstar” already then I decide to see the others drama I was pleasantly surprise by their acting. I was once again not knowing what to do with Beast. It was not until few week that I realise that they somehow made it to my top 3 then it turn out to be No.2. I also had many moments when my bias in the group change because I like them all. I have not decided with of them is my bias but I do have my top three. I will like to know now is you bias on Beast.(I will put a poll down below.) I will like to say that I am so happy that Beast have finally made it to my bias list and at No.2 at that. I will like to say that I hope that Beast comeback to NYC. I’m really sad that by the time that they came I was not able to go. I really hope that they come in the near future.


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