What Time Is It ?

So I have finally decided that I will be attending 2PM concert. The reason as to why is because it was thank to 2PM that I got into Kpop and it does not feel right not to go. Up to this point I don’t know how to feel about 2PM but tomorrow or the day after tomorrow I will write again and let you guys know how the concert went and how I felt after seeing them live. I think that everything changes when you see them live.

One example of my changing my mind was for my first concert it was Teen Top. At first they where not my favorite, my sister like them and she saw that they where coming and ask me if I wanted to go and I said “oh okay let’s go”. After listening to them live and seeing them in person my mind change. I was so amaze at how well they sang and how well they dance that after the concert I came home and search more about them. I knew about all their name and a little bit more but, they sang some songs that I had not heard before and their where amazing. So I had to listen to them again. I know that people have different experiences in Kpop concert. I will always have those experiences with me.

I hope that tomorrow goes go and that I have a happy memory of the concert and that 2PM make me finally have a bias. I will talk to you guy later.


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