Boys Republic “The Real One” MV

Hi everyone today I will be talking about Boys Republic that made their comeback recently. I will be writing my option on their new music video “The Real One”. I would first like to say that this is just my opinion and that you could agree and disagree with me. I just writing what I think about the video and hope that you guys like it.

I will give you guys a little summery about Boys Republic. The name of the members are Onejunn, Sunwoo, Sungjun, Minsu and Suwoong. Boys Republic is a group that debuted on June 5,2013 with the song “Party Rock”. The song has a very strong electronic element which give it a fun and dance feel to it. Then they made their first comeback since debut. The title of the song is “Your are special” which was written by the leader Onejunn. The third song “Video Game” is also a song with electronic feel to it. The songs caption is “Childish Boys Growing Up To Be Superheroes” which is why the music video was about one of the member playing a game and trying to win and become the superhero of the game. Their last comeback was with “Dress Up” which talks about how a boy only have eyes for his girlfriend. Also it talk about how someone could not live without the love of  that other special someone. The boys recently drop their new music video for the song “진짜가 나타났다”  or in english “The Real One”.                                                                                                                              BOYS REPUBLIC_REAL TALK_TEASER

I have two view about the music video for “The Real One”. The first was when I saw the video without reading the lyric and the other one is after reading the english translated lyrics. I will also like to say that the view before and after change after reading the lyrics. I hope you understand.

In the beginning when the filter is black and white and then they have a close up to Suwoong wearing vintage clothes I though “Oh so the video is going to have that vintage vibe that other Kpop group have done before. But then they show the other members standing like statues or paintings. The music then continue to have that jazz and blues feel. The members then step out of the painting or wall and then the come face to face with them self wearing modern clothes. The jazz and blues music continues and then members stare at each other and the music change to a more upbeat tempo. Then a dance battle begins with the old and the new or the vintage and modern self of them self. The video continue with the battle while showing the member solo parts. Throw the video they keep saying ” Chin Cha” which mean real or really but going with the song they mean real.(I could understand a little bit of Korean.) They also keep on saying “She’s got it” and “Real Talk, Real Talk” which made me more and more confuse because after seeing the modern version of them self I though that they where talking about who is the real one. I though that the concept of the video was about hide and seek but not literally more like they want us to figure who is the real one. But I had to go and look at the lyric because with just the little english of the chorus I could not figure it out.                                                                               BOYREPUBLIC

So I look at the lyrics. The song is about a guy finding “The one”. The lyrics talk about how the guy see the girl and think “She’s the real one” and “She is not like the others”. The song continue to talk about how he felt for her and think that she is only one for him. The one that he was waiting for ‘The Real One”.

After reading the lyric I watch the video again and saw it in a different light. In the beginning I though that when they are wearing the vintage clothes is to represent the time that he had waited for her “The Real One” and the when they are wearing the modern is them now. The other thing that I notice is that when they are having the dance battle is to represent when they say “Your different from those girls that try to imitate” and “Ain’t nobody like you”. The reason is because the are two people with the same face but only one of them is the real one. Also the other thing that I notice was that in the beginning when the scenes are black and white and the members don’t move is to represent how their world was full with no color and it felt like they life where pause and when they meet her their world continue and go full with color. In the back when they are having the dance battle the two doors from both side said “Real Talk” I know that it is the name of the mini album but their is one thing that got me with a big question mark on my head and that is the numbers “262”. If you guys know what does it mean please leave a comment. 


Thank you for reading and hope that you guys enjoyed it.


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