Going Crazy With 2PM

So yesterday I went to 2PM concert which I have to say was one of the best concert that I have gone to. The concert experience was very good I had good seats. The members where always smiling and having fun with the audience. May I put out there that Taecyeon was so happy and being so corny that it made me smile every time. Their English was so cute I was expecting Nickchun and Taecyeon to speak good well English, but I was to discover that Jun.K had so great pronunciation. I was so surprise but happy at the same time. The Changsung, Wooyoung and Junho where not great but the try which made the audience really happy.

I lost my voice after the concert I was screaming so loud that I almost lost my voice. Me, my sister and two new friends (that we meet on the concert) where singing and dancing along. (Hope to meet them again and see them again in other concerts.) We where all enjoying the concert together like others. I was expecting the pit to be crazy but to my surprise the pit was really calm and that made me want to go to the pit. In most the Kpop concert that I have gone to the pit was a big No No No because it was crazy the pushing and the people with their phone blocking your view. I could really go on and on by I’m really happy that this concert was not like that. I feel so happy and have hope now that not all the concert are crazy. I really enjoy and had fun in the concert.

2PM had seem to be happy and to be having fun which made fans really happy to see. The tracklist of concert is

  1. Heartbeat
  2. Without U
  3. HOT
  4. Go Crazy
  5. 10 out of 10
  6. Saying I love (Taecyeon and Changsung)
  7. Come back to me (Taecyeon and Changsung)
  8. Rain is falling
  9. I’m Sorry                                                                                                                             *Introduction/Talk
  10. Comeback When You Hear This Song
  11. Like Tonight
  12. Hands Up
  13. Superman (Jun.K and Wooyoung)
  14.  Sexy Lady
  15. I’m Your Man
  16. A.D.T.O.Y
  17. Love is True (Nichkun and Junho)                                                                                                          *Talk
  18. Again and Again
  19. Hate You
  20. I’ll Be Back
  21. Don’t Stop Can’t Stop
  22. Game Over                                                                                                                                                             *Goodbye Trip/Goodbye Talk                                                                                            *Encore
  23. Hand Up Remix
  24. Go Crazy Remix

The song where all good and made me enjoy the concert. I had my favorites and I know everyone had their favorite when the concert ended. I know that those like my sister that could not decided one bias finally could say that they have a bias. There where also those that had change their bias list thank to seeing them live. I know that Taecyeon somehow made me like him more. I don’t know what it was put at the end of the concert I feel that way.

I will like to once again say that I really enjoy the concert and when they comeback I could safely say that I will go again. I will like to say something to those of you that have not go to concerts, I will recommend that you guys don’t miss the experience of a concert. If one of your favorite group is coming near you I advice you to go and enjoy seeing them live. Seeing them live is a totally different experience and I hope that you guys get that experience.

Thank you guys for reading.

P.s. I was not able to take pictures or video because I was really enjoying the concert. I want to say that I’m sorry for this and that if you want to see some fancam I will put a link below of a fancam by YukaidaFancams Youtube. (The credit are all her’s so please give her credit if you post the video.) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3Yv8bfExcM8&list=UUFMhzepcrHNqNWDXdJomGow


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