My Friday’s Playlist

Hi everyone today I have started a new project for the blog and that is to do a playlist on Fridays. I know that may people do this on their site or blog but I decided to do it any ways because I will like to share with you guys what I am listening at the time. I hope that you guys like this playlist.

Today’s Friday’s playlist more or less song that make you think about what you want in your relationship and how love could be sweet but also bitter at times.This playlist is about song that make you look back and think about what type of relationship you had in the past and what relationship do you want to have in the future.

The first song that I will like to recommend you guys to check out is the new song “Erase” by Hyolyn and Jooyoung. The song talk about how a relationship fell apart. The two finally see each other again and they say to each other that they are okay that they broke up. The song say that they will erase everything that remain of the relationship that they had. The song talk about both side and how that feel about the break up. The song have a very R&B feel to it. The thing that grab me was how the the voice of Hyorin and Jooyoung work so well together. I did not had any expectation but I was pleasantly surprise. I saw the video but was more attracted by their voice’s. This song made me want to listen  to more.

The second song is Got7 “Moonlight”. The song talk about a guy that felt in love with a girl and don’t want anyone to see her. It also speak about how the guy want to give his heart to her and how he want her to see him and see that his heart is only for her. In addition it talk about how he want it to be just the two of them underneath the moonlight. Hope that you guys give this song a chance.

The third song is “I’m Different” by YG’s new group HI SUHYUN ft BOBBY from IKON. The song that talk about a girl saying to the boy that she is different from all those other guys and that he should stop comparing her to others girl. Bobby then goes into the guys part that is saying to the girl that if she wants to leave and that all girls are the same they are all foxes. He also say that with only one wink he was in her heart. The song continue with the girl saying that she is different. This song have a very jazzy feel to it and I find it that it also have the fun factor that some song need. Hope that you guy enjoy watching this.

The fourth song is Boys Republic that made a comeback with “The Real One”. I made a review of the video and you could read it at the blog. After I did the review of the video I found myself listening to the song. In the review of the video I talk about what the song is about.You could read more about it on my review.

The last song is call “Gimme” by Got7. The song is a really groove song and it make you feel good. The up beat song make you want to get up and dance. The chorus make you sing along the song. I found myself saying “Woo Gimme Gimme Gimme Your love” and “Woo Make me Make me Make me Your man”.  

I hope that you guys enjoy this playlist and listen to the songs. Hope that you guys have a great weekend. This weekend is going to be the weekend when I will see VIXX and I’m so excited and nervous at the same time hope that you guy understand that I will not be posting this weekend unless I find the time. I will write to you guys later to say what happened at the concert and how I felt meeting them in person. Hope that you guys have a good day and enjoy your weekend.

Please vote for your favorite song of today’s playlist I will make a review of the one that have the most vote by Monday or Tuesday.


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