VIXX 1st NYC Showcase

Hi everyone first I will like to say is that I’m sorry that I said that I will write to you guys after the concert but I could not do it. I was not feeling well so I could not write to you guys. I also became busy. So in paragraph below I will be writing about my experience of the concert.

The first thing that I will like to say is that part of me does not feel like I went to see VIXX live. It all feel like a dream. In the beginning I though that waiting in line was not that bad. There where many people waiting in line by then time that I got there so I though “Oh I guess I will be in the back of the pit, so me and my sister went to the second balcony and got a pretty good view. I’m glad that I did not got into the pit because from what I heard it was pretty bad in there. I will also like to say that despite the many obstacles VIXX put out the beast show that they could. They had sound problems but we Starlights try our best to help them by singing along. Many other thing happened that VIXX leader N also pointed out and spoke out and said that they where having troubles. There where a few thing that I personally was not happy about but I got to see VIXX. I was happy just because of that. I know that many people are really angry with Limelight Entertainment for not keeping their words but let not do this.

At the High Touch event I almost lost it because the wanted to give us a heart attack by putting Leo and Ken in the beginning I almost lost it then and their I was so out of it that I don’t remember who was after them. I could not handle having my two top bias next to each other. I was just so amaze at how beautiful they are in real life. All I said to my sister They look like dolls. Their skin look so soft let’s not talk about their hands. I was in such a shock that I forgot what I was going to say all I remember saying was “Saranghae” to Leo and Ken. After that I all I did was hunch down and then I saw Ravi and N smiling at me. VIXX where so happy to see their NYC Starlights.

The show overall was a very good concert. I got to meet very nice Starlights and I got to see VIXX. I only hope that this did not leave VIXX with a bad memory. I hope that when they comeback again they have more time to go exploring around the city and enjoy them self. Saw that after the show they went to Time Square and saw them with a big smile in their face. That made me happy to see this. I hope that when they comeback is with a full concert.

The Playlist of the Showcase is below:



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