My Friday’s Playlist

This Friday playlist will consist of song that I am have being listening and would like to share with you guys. I hope that you  guys like the song and listen to them. I hope that this song would help you feel a little hotter after this cold weather that we have being having. I can’t tell you guys that this song are all happy but I could tell you that they are  very good song and have really good vocal. Hope you guys enjoy and have a happy Friday.

1. HIGH 4 (Day By Day)

This song is about a really good to listen to. The vocals in this song are on point. The feeling in the song could be capture. I hope that you guys like it. By the way I also did a Mv review of this song so please check it out on my home page.

2. Jung JoonYoung ft. Younha  (Just The Way You Are)

I know that this song came out a long time ago but I really like the song and I found myself listening it to it the whole week. I hope that you guys enjoy it. If you guys have not heard of Jung Joon Young or JJY how I like to call him I will like to ask you guys to please listen to is music. He became one of my favorite rock singers plus his personality is really funny or how some people like to call it 4D personality. Hope you guys enjoy.

3. wheesung (Night and Day)

This song also came out last year but I really wanted to share this with you guys. Wheesung is are really great singer and I found him by mistake. But I’m really happy that I did. Thank to finding him I found a really great artist. I was waiting for some  one with great vocal power to appear. I so his other songs and they show that he is a great artist. Hope that you guys enjoy and like the song. By the way Teen Top C.A.P and Girl’s Day Yura are feature in this video.

4. Park Hyo Shin (Happy Together)

Park Hyo Shin is  also a person with great vocals that I discover not so long ago. I really and happy that I found him I really like his voice. I also Like his other song “Wild Flower”. I just though that I would like you guys to enjoy this song and have a happy Friday and Weekend. I hope that this song help you feel a little bit happy. I hope that you guys start liking Park Hyo Shin at least a little bit. Happy Friday everyone and hope you guys enjoy .

5. Yoseop Yang (Caffeine)

I choose this song as a way to give you guys energy. This song is a little sad but, it’s also really good to listen to it. To all the  Beauty’s out their this is for you guys. I hope that you guys enjoy this song and have a little piece of Beast. I hope that you guys like it and enjoy this little piece of energy and have a really great weekend.



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