My Friday the 16th Playlist

Hi everyone I am back once again with this Friday playlist. I hope that you guys enjoy last week playlist. Today playlist is more of a new song that have grab my attention. I hope that you guys have a good time listening to these songs. I also hope that this playlist help you have a good weekend.

1. JONGHYUN (Crazy ft Iron)

This song is has a little rock feel to it. The song also feature Iron. To tell you the truth when I heard that Iron and Jonghyun where working together I was wondering what will they come up with. I have to say that I really love these two. I hope that you guys like it. I know that this is not everyone cup of tea but please listen to it first. I hope you guys enjoy this song. I fully understand if you don’t.

2. JONGHYUN (Hallelujah)

This song is more of a feel good song. This song showcase Jonghuyn voice really well. I was looking for a song that really showcase how amazing his voice is. This show is more of a dance song but you could still heard this amazing voice. I really like this song This song make you want to dance. I hope that you guys listen and like this song. I also hope that you guys have a fun and amazing weekend.

3. NO.MERCY Project SOYOU,GIRIBOY ft.KIHYUN (Arm Pillow) or (Pillow)

This song is a sweet song. The song is about a sweet love. It talk about how they love each other so much. This song is more a sweet romantic song.. I understand if you guys don’t like it. I just like to say to you guys that this song is a really good song and the vocals in this song are really good. I hope that you guys give this song a listen. I hope you guys enjoy it.

4. EDDY KIM (Apologize)

I have heard of Eddy Kim before but have not really listen to all of his song. This song made me want to listen to his other songs. This song is a really great use of the guitar and drums. The music Video was amazing the editing used was really amazing. I really like it. I hope that you guys enjoy the song and if you are also one of those people that have not give Eddy Kim a chance please listen to this song. I hope that you guy have a really good weekend and a happy Friday.


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