What I have being Up

HI everyone I know that I have not being writing in the past few weeks but this was do to the fact that I was catching up to my dramas and then FTISLAND concert happen. Yesterday I was on the DramaFever Award. I will be talking about everything below.

Last week I went to see FTIsland on their NYC concert. The concert was more than what I was expecting. It was full off laughter and many fun moments. I was able to have fun. The crowd was singing along. FTIsland looked like they where having fun and that was what made the concert even more fun. The members where being silly like they are always. Despite the fact the it was cold and they have to take many troubles to get here they show their fans an good concert. I hope that they come back soon.

Yesterday in the Drama Fever Awards  was really fun I really like how everything was. This was my first time going to the Drama Fever Awards and I have to say that it was more than I expected. I had a great time. I found myself regretting the fact that I did not get VIP but now I know that next year I will get VIP. Most of the people that I wanted to win won and that also made me happy. The thing that made me more happy was seeing Furukawa Yuki live. I had a fan girl moment when he came out. I was in disbelieve when I saw him. I was so happy then when I saw the other guest like 5URPRISE, Kim Jong Kook, Arden Cho and George Hu. I had a really fun time in the Drama Fever Awards. I’m really happy that I went. I was really thinking of not going because the fact that it have being snowing so much the past few days and it was so cold. I will gladly go again to next years award.

I just want to take this time to tell you guys that some time the reason that I have not post is because I have being Catching up with some dramas. I have decided to let you guys know about this and I will try to write more even when I’ watching dramas. I will at least let you guys know when I’m watching my dramas. I hope that you guys have a good weekend. I will post my Friday Playlist in a few. I also have a surprise for you guys. I will tell you guys soon.


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