VIXX (Love Equation) MV

Hi everyone as you may know by now like I said in my last post today I will be writing about VIXX who have made a comeback. Today I will be talking about their new MV which is a from their 2nd single album “Boys Record”. The album consist on three song. The first one that is a remake of a 1995 song is “Love Equation”. The second one is a song compost by Leo and Rap by Pavi is call “Cold At Night”. The last one is call “Memory” and this song was compost by Ravi. If I have to say the song are really different but they are all really good so please listen to their album. 

The song “Love Equation” is a song that talk about how breaking up is always a equation that leave on heart broken. The song also talk about how every body think that when someone breakup that there is always tear and that the one that was left have to always be sad and be crying but their are some that stand strong and don’t cry.

The MV focus on the story of youth. The MV show the members in their youth years and they are portraying their own stories. They are each going throw something but the know that they have each other to be their for each other. The MV show a sweet side of VIXX. You could also see them with their cute level up. This MV is one to watch. Warning advise (Leo aegyo is on high level).

Hope that you guys that you guys give VIXX and this song some love.


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