MY Friday 27th Playlist

Hi everyone I know that I have not being doing playlist lately but I decided to do it again. I hope that you guys enjoy.

1. VIXX (Love Equation)

The song is a remake of a 1995 song. The song talk about how people think about love and that love is like a equation and it makes many people relate to the song. The music video also make you feel what is youth and that when your in your youth many things could happen but if you have someone that is there with you then you will be fine. (If you like to read more about the MV then please read my MV review)

2. MYNAME_ too very so MUCH (너무 very 막)

MYNAME has finally made a comeback after such a long time of not. MYNAME is more active in Japan than in South Korea but that does not mean that they are not love in both places. I was really waiting for them to make a comeback in Korea for a long time now. As you could tell I’m really happy that they did. They also came back with a new style. I really like that too. The song is a very happy song that talk about a guy that feel in love at first sight and that every time he sees he his heart does not stop. I hope that you guys like that song and also please check out MYNAME.

3.Jung Yong Hwa (One Fine Day)

I’m a big fan of CNBLUE and the reason that I pick this song is because this song is so different to the songs that Yong Hwa have release with CNBLUE. I like this song I like the video. This song make me want a little fuzzy inside. I don’t  think that this song is for everyone but I hope that you guys enjoy listening to it. I hope that this will also help you like Yong Hwa and CNBLUE a little more if you don’t already do.

4.VIXX (Cold At Night)

This song is about a guy that was left heart broken after a breakup but he did not know why did the girl left. H e found himself asking “Why did  you have to leave me?”. He felt like his world became frozen when she left him. He does not know what he did wrong and still is in love with her. He said the he will be  waiting  for her  to come back whatever  time even if it is one day or a few years later. This song is a really good song to listen the vocals are  really good to listen. VIXX sweet voices go really well with this song . I hope that you guys like this song and enjoy listening to this song.


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