VIXX 9th,10th, and 11th Wins with “Love Equation”

Hi everyone I know that some of you guys already know this but VIXX had their 9th and 10th and today their 11th win. I just wanted to let you guys know.

VIXX won on 030315 in ShowChampion and the on 030415 On MTV THE SHOW and then today on MCOUNTDOWN!. VIXX was not able to perform on MCountdown! but I was happy that they won.I was talking about this with my sister yesterday and I told her “What are they going to do if VIXX wins but they are not performing?” Then today I found out the VIXX won but they where not able to perform. I was kind of sad but I understand that they have this rule but I wish that they will let them perform. I hope that VIXX keep on winning. I wish them the best and everyone please keep on supporting VIXX and their music.


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