My Friday the 13th Playlist

Hi everyone today’s  Playlist is a little mix of everything. I hope that you guys enjoy and have a good time listening to this different type of music.

1.SuperJunior D&E “Growing Pains”

This song is about a guy that broke up with his girlfriend and is having a hard time forgetting her. He wish he the best even though they broke up.The memories of the time that they where together keep on coming back to him and all he wants is to forget but the memories all keep coming.  Even when the memories hurt he want to go back to does time but then he realize that even on those times she was gone. This song is a really good song to listen to. The vocals in the song are also good. I hope that you guys enjoy this song.

2. 4 Minutes  (Crazy)

Crazy is a  song that full of that energy that you are looking forward this weekend. The song is great to listen to when your having a one of those hard day at work or in life. This song will make you forget all about those thing and will make you sing along. The song have a really easy chores to follow so it make it easy for everyone to sing along. I hope that this song give you a little bit of more energy. I hope that you guy like the song.

3. 2NE1 (Missing You)

This song is  a song about missing someone. Every time I listen to this song It always make remember the past and many things . This is one of those that make you remember those people that you are missing. This song is great for those people that like to listen to powerful vocals . This song also showcase 2NE1’s vocals really well. If you have not listen to it I hope that you take this opportunity to do so. I hope that you guys like it.

4. HanHae  (Man Of The Year)

This more of a HIP HOP song but the song showcase vocals well. I like how this song a feel good song. This song is a good song to dance. This song make you feel full of swag. I like to listen to this song when I’m walking in the street. I like how the song make yo feel good.I also like that he singing this song to a girl and saying that he will be her man of the year. I hope that you guys like this song .

5. Beast ( I’m Sorry)

The reason for picking this song on this weekend playlist is because I being listening to this song this week. I fond myself listening to this song over and over. I really like this song and I hope that you guys like the song too. I like the vocals of all the members. I really hope that you guys enjoy listen the song.


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