New Friday Playlist

Hi guy I know I told you guys that I was going to post last week playlist on Saturday but something came up. I hope that this playlist will make up for last week playlist. Please look forward to it. I hope you guy like this little playlist that I do for you guys.

1. Xia Junsu (Flower)

Ok guy I know that this video is a little hard to understand but I listen to the song without the video and I was walking in the street and the all that was in my mind was the little melody of “Just take my hand, Till the end”. I really enjoy the his vocal. I have to say that I really did not pay much attention to JYJ but this made me want to search more and listen to more of JYJ because now I know why people where saying about Junsu. I hope that you guys like the song. This song also have Tablo of EPIK HIGH feature on it.


This song is a song that BEAST have made to celebrate their new company BEASTMUSIC. The boys say that this is one of many song that they are going to release. They are set to release a new song for the next 10 mouth. The song is really electronic and it’s good to dance to. I really like the beat of the song that make you have a party or dance to this song with your friend. I really like that the song is fun and it’s really good to listen to and jam to. I hope that this song will make you feel a little excited for the weekend. Hope that you guys like it.


This song was one of the song that I have heard before but really did not pay attention to. I found myself singing the song once in a while. I though “Oh this song is not bad” and then I found myself listening to this song. After this I look for more Crush songs and I really like his sentimental voice. I really enjoy listening to his songs. I hope that you guys like listening to this song and enjoy your weekend.

4.Zion.T Feature CRUSH (Two Melodies)

Zion.T is also and artist that I have heard off and have listen some song off but never really willing search him up. I will really like to say that Zion.T is a really good artist. I like his unique sound. I also really enjoy his song. This song is really one of my favorite. This song also feature Crush. I that just how this song help look more into Zion.T it will also help you look more into him. I hope you enjoy this song.

5. BTS (One Day) 

Ok guys I know that what I’m about to say may sound weird  but the first time that I heard this song I did not like it. Well I should not say that I did not like it. It’s more like I did not pay close attention to it. I was not into BTS then. My sister was and she told me to listen to it. Much later I listen to the song again and realize that the song was actually a really good song and that it showcase the members vocals really well. It was at that time where I though “Ohh I show give BTS a try” that when I decided to give them a try and make a decision after they release more song and I could see more of what they are trying to do. I hope that you guys like the song.


This song was the last this that I had to heard from BTS to make me want to listen to more. This song made me have more of a dark and hip hop feel. I really like it the song and the song has a good feel to. The song is really good and the video was also great. I really like to see that they where trying different thing and I like how they show them self. I hope that you guys like the song.


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