BTS “I Need U” MV Meaning

First I would like to say that this are my own interpretation on the MV. The MV could had many different meaning to the one that I’ ll point out.

The meaning of the song is about a guy in a relationship with a girl that hurt him but he is still in love with her. He want’s to break up with her but he does not have the confidence to say it. He also asking her “Why am I in love alone, Why am I hurting alone” He also ask her “Why do I keep needing you when I know I’ll get hurt”. The song also talks about how after the relationship the guy feels like his life became ruined. He also say it got to the point to hate her but he can’t hate her. The song keep on with with many more thing that got me to think that the meaning of the song is talking about how a guy’s life became upside down(ruined)  after meeting that girl. (This is my opinion.) The song keep on saying “I Need you girl” which I think symbolizes that even when his life is like this and he want everything to end he still feel the need of her. He want’s to ask her for one last gift and that this to make him not go back to her.

The meaning of the MV any people already got it but I wanted to make this article. The meaning of the MV is similar to the song. The Music Video talks about how a group of guys are going throw many difficulties and that they meet with one another. The Music also give a feel of youth. The feel that I get of the video is that everyone think that there is always a pretty good side to youth but they is also that dark side. The Video show each member going throw something. The music show many troubles that many teens and young adults go throw like Depression, Drugs, Abuse, Bulling, Suicide,Heartbreak, Gangs, and many more. I know that they did not show it in the music video but if you see it and think about it the feel is their. I also saw that the scenes when they are all together looked like back flash but what made it clear that it was after all this bad things happened was when they saw J-Hope throwing out those pills inside the pill bottle. At that moment I realize that they are showing that you may be going throw many things by yourself but if you find those people that make you happy you could also be happy. Happy moment will happened to you if your happy.

Like I said in the beginning this is only my opinion and I hope that that this will help you understand the Music Video better. I also hope enjoy the music video.I hope that  you guys have a day full of happiness and joy.



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