Friday Playlist

I hope that you guys enjoy this week playlist.

1. BTS (“I Need You”)

I have made a MV meaning for this song. I like this song because it’s the type of song that I like. This song is about troubling youth. The song is meaning of the song is very sad and the feeling gets throw. The rap and the vocals of the song are so good to listen. I found myself singing along the song after listening to it a few time. After that I being listening to this song a lot. It this song is one of my favorite song at the moment. I can’t wait to see them singing this song live when they come on tour. I hope that you guys also like the song and please also check out my MV meaning article on the link below.


This is another song that I have being listening to many time since it was release. I found myself singing the song. I really also enjoy the Music Video. The Music Video also gave the feel of troubles that goes on some people is life. I like that the song is easy to listen to. I like the rap and vocal as well. I really like the soft side of the song. I also like the old feel of the song. I really like the feel of the song overall. I hope that you guy like and enjoy the song and Music Video.

3. BTS (“Converse High”)

This is another song from BTS new album “In The Moon Of Love”.  I really like this song because is a very happy song. The song also give the feel of youth. I also like that the song start really slow. I really like the chorus. I really enjoy this song. This song make me happy to listen to. This song make me want to go buy some converse after listening to it. I really enjoy listening to this song every time. I also recommend this song for those that wan to listen to a happy song. I hope you guy give this song a listen.

4. UNIQ (“EOEO”)

UNIQ is a rookie group that have made their first comeback with “EOEO”. This songis very different from their debut song (Falling in Love). This song have a very Hip Hop feel. I like like that the chorus is so simple. This is my second time listening to the song but if you listen to it more the once be aware. I will be keeping an eye on them to see with what they come up with next. I hope that you guys enjoy listening to this song.

5. HOTSHOT (“Watch Out”)

HOTSHOT is also a rookie that have made a comeback with “Watch Out”. This song also have a Hip Hop feel but the it goes on a break down and the song change melody. I really enjoy those break down and those Hip Hop break down. I will also be keeping an eye on them. I hope you guys listen to them.

BONUS: To celebrate Big Bang finally making a comeback. This week bonus is of Big Bang.









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