Monsta X Playlist

Hi everyone this Friday’s Playlist is dedicated to MONSTA X.

Monsta X is a rookie group that made their debut last week. Monsta X is a group form from the survival program NO.MERCY. They are a seven member group. The members SHOWNU, JOOHEON, WOONHO, KYHYUN, MINHYEOK, HYEONGWON, I.M. Monsta X made a debut with “TRESPASS”.

1.MONSTA X (“Trespass”)

2.MONSTA X (“Honestly)

In NO.MERCY Monsta X had missions in which they were divided into teams and the following are the one’s that I personally enjoy and hope that you guys also enjoy.

1.Team: SEGYERO (“Caffeine”)


3.Team: JANGNAM (Performance Stage)

4. Team: NOCHANG,VASCO and JUNGGIGO (“Hieut”)

5. Team Giri Boy (“Young”)

5. Team: JOOHOEN, IM, HYUNGWON  Ft Yella Diamond (“Instertellar”)


The individual performances that I enjoy are:


2. SHOWNU (“All of me”)

3. JOOHEON (“Yessir”)

4. #Gun (“94”)

The playlist below have many other performances that I really enjoy and I hope that you guys also enjoy.


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