Weekend Playlist Is Back!

Hi everyone I know that in the few weeks  I did not made a playlist but I will be posting two playlist this week. I hope that this makeup for the past week. I Hope you guys enjoy this little playlist.

Big Bang (We Like 2 Party)

If I have to pick the song that I like from Big Bang New Single Album is this one because it’s more my style. I really like this song and I’m also happy that Big Bang release this song just in time for summer. I hope that you guys enjoy the song.

Big Bang(Bang Bang Bang)

This song is a very energetic song and it make you sing along the song. The song make you want to have a party with all your friends or even throw a party just for yourself. The song will sure make you want to  sing and dance along for sure.I hope that you guys enjoy listening to this song.

EXO (Love Me Right)

This sing is a song which was a surprise for me because it something new that I personally have not heard from EXO before. I like that the song have a jazzy and electronic feel to it. I like the fact that this song is different from EXO but still feel so EXO. I hope that you guys enjoy the song and have a great time listening to this song.

Shinee (“View”)

Shinee is back. Hi everyone I choose Shinee “View” to be first because this song is different from the song that Shinee had made before. This song also have a very different few to it as well. I like that the song is a summer song just in time for the summer. I also like that the song is not a sweet summer song. I like that the song make you want to dance and jump around but it also a good song to listen. The melody of the song has a electronic and retro feel to it. The chorus of the song is really catchy. I hope you guys like it.

SungKyu (“The Answer”)

SungKyu came back after 2 years with his second solo album. This album (27) has made me a bigger fan of SungKyu. I like him on Infinite but I really like him on this album. His made made me into his fan. I found myself pleasantly surprise by him with this album. This song is  a ballad song. The song talk about how a when you are in love there is only you and that the answer is you. The song is emotional song and the feeling of the show could get throw without explanation.

SungKyu (“Kontrol”)

This is the second song of the 2nd solo album (27). The song is title “Kontrol” The song is about a guy asking you not to give up the love you have for him till the end. The producer and the one who wrote the lyric of “Kontrol” is Kim Jong Wan of the group NELL. This song is also a dance but ballad type of song. I really like to listen to this song a lot. I hope you guy enjoy.

BEAST (I Can’t  Wait To Love U)

This is another release by BEAST MUSIC. The song is party song and could also be said to be a summer song. This is a Japanese song and with he news that Doonwoo is going to make a solo debut on Japan the song receive the love of many. I can’t wait for the next release this mouth. I love all the songs and can’t wait for the next one. Hope that you guy enjoy the song.

Boys Republic (Hello)

This song is a slow song and the song give a good feel. The song is like they are talking to you. I really like this song. I have hear it a few times now and I still like to listen. I hope you guys the song.


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