HIGH4 “Baby Boy” MV Meaning

Hi everyone I know that I have not being updating anything but I was busy and I hope that in the future this does not happened. I hope that you guy are enjoying the summer weather outside.

HIGH4 is back with “Baby Boy” this time. The song is different from their last comeback. I like that with HIGH4 I don’t know with what they will comeback with but they make me a fan every time. I have being a fan since the “Not spring love or cherry blossoms“song. That was the first time that I heard them and I instantly became a fan and waited to see with what they will comeback with and than they came back with “A little closer” Then after that they release “Headache“, “Day by Day” and now “Baby Boy“. Every time I feel the same way when I listen to their song. It’s a feeling the I could not describe but I hope that you guys also please give HIGH4 a listen.

Baby Boy” is about how a man is tough in front of other but in front of the girl that he like he becomes weak. It talk about how he is strong and does not listen to anyone but her. The song is a is more or like about how love could change a man. The song have a very happy feel to it. The song also have a very electronic feel to it. I like how the song have  many different  element in it. I also enjoy the chorus. The rap have it charm to it. The also song have a playful feel to. I hope that you guys enjoy listening to this song.

The MV have nothing much to do with the song but the whole concept is there. The MV start with  a girl in a room looking at the photo of all the members. Then the MV goes to Alex and Myunghan in a car but the car break down and they try to fix it and then the do. I think that this was referred to the part of the song where he said ” If I start , It’s game over for you“. After fixing the car Alex and Myunghan go for a ride in which then the show the girl from the begging. The girl was playing with the car the Alex and Myunghan where in. Then she put to figure in the game board that she had in front of her and then Sunggu and Youngjun appeared and try to fix the car again. The in the same board she bring another car and the inside the game or the place that HIGH4 is the girl is in the car and the they try to go after her. I think if I had to interpret this it will be the part in the song that talks about how he only listen to her. Then it goes into Youngjun’s rap part and in which they now show a TV instead of a game board. The inside the TV they show all the HIGH4 members and the girl inside a cage. Myunghan and Youngjun are in colorful clothes but Alex and Sunggu are in a white t-shirt and then they go under a black curtain and come out with colorful clothes just like the others. Then it show the girl again changing the channels in which the members change concepts. The change of concepts made me think of how when your in  relationship you tend to change the way that you are and this is what that made me think off.  Then they all come out of the TV with flower, cake and presents. In which she did not know what to do and turn the TV off. Then she start to see a book or magazine with photos of the members and that how it ended.

I think that the MV was really made with a playful concept in it. I personally would had like MV to have a concept similar to that of the song. I still really enjoy the MV. I like watching the MV because I like the playfulness of it. I hope that this little explanation help you guys understand the Video a bit better. I would also like to say that this are all my opinion and that the MV could really another meaning. I hope that you guys enjoy reading this and listen to the song.


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