BEAST Is Back With “Gotta Go To Work”

Hi everyone I have big news for you guys BEAST is finally back. They are back and getting back to work with “Gotta Go To Work“. They have drop “Gotta Go To Work” single ahead of their album release. The MV came out yesterday and the song is pretty good. It also a bit different but has the same feels from BEAST. They will be releasing their mini album “ORDINARY” on July 27. (I’m still not ready for this.)

The MV is really cute and it talk about how a guy have to go to work but does not want to leave his girlfriend alone in the house all by herself. It could also be shown how he does everything to get out of work fast so he could get to see her soon but this does not work out the way he wanted it to work out. It also shows how he does everything and buys her presents to make her feel less lonely. In the end when he does get home she is there so see him. He is happy to see her just as she is happy to see him. The feel of the Music Video overall was good. It has that cute vibe to it. It’s also have a clear story line and could be follow easily and I enjoy it. I hope that you guys too.

I will be making another post after I listen the new album and see their title MV “YEY“. I will see you guys soon. Please leave your comments down below.


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