Weekend Playlist

I will let this week playlist speak for itself. I hope that you guys enjoy this week playlist. (Please leave a comment of song that you guys want me to checkout.)

BEAST (This Is My Life) 

I know I put this song on the other playlist but I really can’t get over this song. I Really like this song and I wanted to put this song on this playlist. I really like when the song says “This is my life“. It make me want to sing along and say to everyone “This is my life“.

MYNAME (Hello Again)

This song is one of MyName’s Japanese release. I really enjoy listing to this song. I really also enjoy watching the Video as well. The story of the song is about friendship and saying goodbye .From what I could tell from the MV is that the story seem’s to be about a group of friend that always had fun together but then something happened and they all when their on way. This song and the MV reminded me of a Anime or Manga. The story and song gave me that feel. (Sorry is you guys don’t like what I said here. I really enjoy ready Manga and Watching Anime.) I hope that you guys enjoy this song.

BEAST (Gotta Go To Work)

In  my last post I explain  and gave my feel about the song. I really enjoy listing to this song can’t wait to hear the rest of the new mini album. I will post my though’s on the album and their next Music Video this weekend when is release. I will let you guys know. I hope that you guys enjoy and please listen to BEAST.

INFINITE (Bad)(Between You and Me)

I’m sorry everyone but I have to put Infinite in this week playlist because I had to wait almost if not a year for Infinite comeback as a whole. I’m really happy that they have made a come back and with no other than “Bad“. I have being hearing this song since it came put. I really like this song I also enjoy listening to “Between you and me“. I hope that you guys also like this song.

GOT7 (Just Right)

This song is a about not being what everyone want’s you to be and not changing who you are to please everyone. The song is about telling someone that “ You are Just Right just the way you are.” You don’t need to change who you are for anyone. ” “Please stay they way you are.” I really like the message of this song and also the Video is a bit enjoyable to watch. Hope that this is to your liking.

Hope that everyone like this week playlist. Hope everyone have a great weekend.



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