BEAST “YEY” MV Meaning

Hi everyone today I will be doing a meaning review of BEAST “YEY” MV and Song. The first thing that I will like to say it that this is all my option and I’m not right in any of this. I will also like to apologize if I said anything in this post that might cause anyone to feel hurt. I hope you guys enjoy reading this post

When I saw the teasers I got that the song was a party song. I could see that the MV is going to be more or like about how they where parting and don’t remember anything the next day. ( I also saw JunHyung and HyunSeung hair style lol.P.S. I really like them, This two are one of my favorites.) The teasers gave from each member where different and I though to myself why?. I also got that a bit of a story to tell in this MV.

The Music Video start with each member in a different scent and from my point of view the the MV start with giving the views a view on the after the party scene. The Mv tells the story of each member and each member show a different story. They each have a different reason as to why they have loss their perspective in life. They each then decide to live life how the want not caring about other people. In the Mv when the show all of the together I think that is a way to describe people coming together. I also think that the reason they show the scene after the party first and the reaction that each and everyone of them had of not knowing what they did the day before and their regret face, it was a way to show that they are are questioning them self was to weather the decision  that they made was the right on. The MV overall is very easy to watch (despite JunHyung and HyunSeung hair. Lol) I will like to say that this is just my option about what I think the MV is about. The MV could have a different meaning form the on that I talk about here. When more detail come out I will write about what the MV real meaning is.

The meaning of the song from what I got is about how someone have giving up hope in everything and just let go of everything and have decided to have fun. The song could be use to describe a relationship that did not work out and the guy is waiting for her but now realise that she is not coming back and have decided to move on. It could also be interpret as from the prespective of someone how had always giving their all in live and find himself in the same place. He then decide to give out on everything and live life how he want to not thinking about other and not caring about others only think about himself and not have any expectations about others. The over all meaning of the song if I could summaries it is that is about someone that have live their life expecting something about life and other people but have decided to give out on that and enjoy life how they want to. The only don’t have any expectation of other as they have now learn that life is not always how you see or want to see it life is different from what you think it is.

I will like to thank those of you guys that are reading my blog and that I’m sorry I’m a little late on posting but I was a little busy today. I will try my best to post more and on time for you. 🙂


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