TBT is back!

Hi everyone I decided to bring back Throw Back Thursday this week. I hope that you guys enjoy this week TBT.

For those of you guys that don’t know what TBT is. It a poll that I make asking you guys which Idol or group do you guys think have made the best evolution from debut until now. I will write a special post about the group that won. I hope you guys participate and enjoy this little post.


I decided to put in BEAST this week since they made a recently made a comeback this week. I was waiting for their comeback all this time and I’m really happy right now. I hope that you guys enjoy this playlist.


I wanted to put B1A4 last week on the post I was going to post but could not post do to technical problems, so I decoded to put them up this week. I really enjoy listening to B1A4 songs and I hope that if you guys have not give them a chance this post will help with that.

ZE:A :

I think that ZE:A had yet reached their full potential. I know that they still have more to show than what they have shown. I really hope that they would release their full potential with and amazing song that will let show how amazing vocals  they have. I know that they are one of the underrated group. I hope that they show more of them self in their new songs. I hope that you guys please give them a chance and please listen to their song.



I have grown to like SHINEE at first I did not pay them much attention but one day I decided to give them a try and I listen to some of their song and they made me in to a fan. I really like SHINEE and their comeback are better and better every time. I hope that you guys also give them a try and listen to their music.


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