B1A4 “Sweet Girl” Album Talk

Hi everyone I decided to do a album talk on B1A4 “Sweet Girl”. After listening to their album I though that I had to do a album talk on this album. I really enjoy my first listen on this album.

Sweet Girl

I really enjoy that this album have a compete feeling to it. In my opinion all the song in the album go so well together. Sometime I have a problem with some song on the album that I make me think “Oh this song does not really fit in”. I really enjoy the feeling of this album. The feeling of a past love story in the summer time. I got that retro feeling with this album.

I really enjoy listening to all the songs on the album but the songs that caught my attention where “Sweet Girl” this song had a funk and retro feel to it, that I enjoy listening. This song is not something that any kpop group releasing right now are doing and I think this set them apart from the others. The other song that caught my attention was “10 년 후” this song is one of those song that I have to really think for a long time about what to say but I could not find the right word to use to describe it. The only thing that I can say is that I really like listening to it and will be sure to put it on my playlist for the week. The other are also really enjoyable to listen to like for example “You are Girl and I’m a Boy” This song also give the retro feel that “Sweet Girl” give but this song feel like it’s telling the story of a summer love story, Like a past love story from the 90’s or 80’s. I enjoy listening to “Wait” this song is a ballad that give me the feeling that I could listen to this song on a Kdrama or Movie. The last song is “Love Magic” 


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