VIXX LR “Beautiful Liar” MV Meaning

Hi everyone today I will be talking about VIXX first unit group by the name LR. The member consist of Leo and Ravi. They have debut with “Beautiful Liar”. Today I will be talking about the meaning of LR “Beautiful Liar” Music Video.



I would like to say that this album have many songs that I really enjoy to listen. I also would like to ask everyone to please listen to this album.I Before I go and talk about the MV I would like to talk about the song. The song have a Ballad feel to it mix with a Hip Hop feel to it that I quite like. The song is talking about how a guy have turn himself into a the bad guy of the relationship and ask the girl to break up. He is talking about how he turning himself into liar and lying to himself and lying to her for her to get go and have a better life without him. The song also talk about how it pains him to let her go and he had to make himself into a bad guy and make thing painful for the relationship to end. He also said that he wish her to be happy without him and he wish her to find someone better then him. Overall the song talk about how hard a it’s to end a relationship and how sometime you have to turn yourself into a liar or bad person in order for the other person to be happy. I’m really hook with this song at the moment. I would like to say thank to POPGASA for the lyric translation.

The link for the lyric (

The MV is pretty much similar to the lyrics of the song. In the music video Leo represent himself, the person that have giving up on himself in order to let the girl he love go. Ravi represent the part (Personality) of Leo that is fighting with the Leo that have giving up and does not want to give up on her. Ravi personality is now making the new Leo or the Leo with the mask realize that he is wrong. Leo try with all his might to stop Ravi from coming out. Leo try to let to do everything to let her go but Ravi personality wanted to stop her but Leo stop him from coming out. In the end after she left, Ravi could be seen leaving Leo. Overall the meaning of the MV is the same of the lyric of the song and Leo represent the new person or the “Liar” and Ravi represent Leo old self and the part of him that is fighting inside of him that does not want to let her go.

I wanted to do this MV meaning for everyone that had question on the MV meaning. I also want to say that this just my opinion on what I think a the MV is about.


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