Weekend Playlist

Hi everyone this weekend a little bit of everything for everyone.This week there have being a long week for me. I hope that you guys like and enjoy this weekend playlist. Happy weekend everyone. 🙂

VIXX_LR (Beautiful Liar)

I would like to say that this is one of my favorite song at the moment. I would also like to say to please check this album. LR are the first unit group from VIXX. I also did a MV meaning on this Music Video, I will put the link below. I would also like to say that this song and the song in the album are really good and it show the color of Leo and Ravi. Please give this song and VIXX_LR album a listen.  ( https://whoamixoxokathyr.wordpress.com/2015/08/19/vixx-lr-beautiful-liar-mv-meaning/ )

B1A4 (“10 년 후”)

Everyone B1A4 is finally back I’m really eHxcited that they are finally back and with this song is a ballad song. I enjoy listening to this song. I really enjoy the chorus of this song. The song give a feel of a confession song.  I hope that you guys enjoy. I did a album talk on this album so please check it out. ( https://whoamixoxokathyr.wordpress.com/2015/08/19/b1a4-sweet-girl-album-talk/ )

Ha Dong Qn (Run)

I recently discover Ha Dong Qn by accident and discover a really amazing artist I ask myself “Why did I don’t discover him sooner?”. I really like his voice and I just wanted to let those if you guys that don’t know him know him. I hope that you guys also like him. I hope you enjoy this song.

Hyukoh (Come and Goes)

I really enjoy this song after listening to it for the first time in a long time. I really enjoy that this song is different from other song that are out there. I also like that it’s a little funky. I also enjoy listening to this type of song from time to time. I hope that you guys enjoy this song.

Simon Dominic ft Jay Park (won)

This song talk about a guy who work and love in a simple way. This song is the first song from Simon Dominic after being away from 2 years. I hope that you like and enjoy this song.


VIXX LR (Light)

I want to wish everyone a happy Weekend. This song is so good that I wanted to share it with everyone.



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