Weekend Playlist

Hi everyone it’s time for weekend playlist again. I would like to apologize for being late int posting this weekend playlist. I was busy this week and did not have time to post this on time. I hope everyone understands. Today I will be just posting the MV or song that I really enjoy this week so I hope you guys like it and enjoy. Hope everyone have a great weekend and upcoming weekday.


This is another Japaneses release by BEAST with their own label. Up to now I enjoy listening to all of their releases. I hope you guys enjoy this one as well.

JooYoung ft.SuperBee  (WET)

This song have a bit of a Hip Hop and R&B feel to it. I’m happy to see that JooYoung is finally back and I get to heard his new song. This song have a featuring of SuperBee from “Show Me The Money 4”. I hope you guys enjoy this song.

VIXX (Can’t Say)

This is VIXX first Japaneses release and I could not be more happy about it. I listen to the song and really enjoy listening to it. I wish them the best with the single and could not be more in happy to see VIXX as a whole again.

Hyuna ft Ilhoon(BTOB)  (Because I’m The Best)

Everyone Hyuna is back. This song is good and it’s featuring Ilhoon from BTOB. I really enjoy listing to Hyuna unique voice. I hope you everyone enjoy this song.

Hyolyn ft Paloalto and Zico (Dark Panda)

The song itself is a very good song to listen to. The song is Hip Hop song with Hyolyn vocals and she even show some of her rapping skill on it. The song is featuring Paloalto and Zico which means that the song is very good. I hope you guy enjoy this song.


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