Weekend Playlist

Hi everyone I hope that everyone enjoy their week and are ready and looking forward for the weekend. I hope that this little playlist would make your weekend or even you week a little bit better. I hope everyone have a weekend or week full of happy moments.




IKON (Wait for Me)

I like this song because this is a way to tell someone “please wait for me or thank you for waiting for me”.  I read somewhere that this song was writing for their fan as a way for saying thank you for waiting for us and please stay with us until they debut. This is one of my favorite IKON songs. I hope you guy’s enjoy this song as well.

IKON ( Long Time No See)

This if I have to say was by far the best song from MIX&MATCH for me I really like to listen to this song. I was listing to this song even after MIX&MATCH finish. I really like this song. I really enjoy the vocals and the whole song overall. I have to say that after this song I started looking forward for IKON debut. I really hope everyone enjoy this song and have a great day.

DAY6 (Congratulation)

Day 6 is a new JYP boy group or band that will officially be debuting this week. When I first heard this song I was like did this song just came out of JYP. I was pleasantly surprise. After watching the MV I was like yes I like this song. I think I press the replay button like 3 or 4 time. I hope that you guy’s enjoy this song as much as I did.


So Monsta X is Back. They are back with “Rush”. I’m  really happy of the fact that they are back. The Mv is very well executed and the song was okay but if I have to say something is that I felt that something was missing. I don’t mean to say that the song was bad in no way I’m just saying that I really enjoy the slow section then the more hip hop feel of the song I felt it that the song should have more slow part. But overall I enjoy it and I want to see them on the live show maybe I will change my mind after listing to it more.

UP10TION (SO Dangerous)

If I have to say something about this debut song. I think that this is song that is going to give them attention. I really like the fact the they are trying to do something the other group. I also really surprise when I saw the MV. I know that Teen Top are great dancer but I really did not expected them to be so go with this choreography. I’m looking forward to see them live and see if they are as good as in the MV. I hope you guys also enjoy.

Extra or Bonus for this weekend playlist is BTS (Just One Day) this song is one of the best school concept that I really enjoy. I hope that you guys also enjoy listening to this song. This song is for all everyone that are going back to school.


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