A little something

Hi everyone I hope that everyone is having a great weekend and are looking forward to see what this week will bring. I will like to apologize to everyone that was looking forward for this week Playlist. But I was a little busy and could not post this weekend playlist on time but I decided to give you a week playlist instead. I hope that everyone’s week will be full of happiness and great moments. See you guys one Friday for this weekend Playlist.

GOT7 ( “If You do” )

I always find myself looking forward to see with what will GOT7 will comeback with every time.  This comeback I was pleasantly surprise. The song was a bit different from GOT7 other song’s but I could still feel GOT7 on the song. I hope that this song is also to everyone’s liking. This album is one of my favorite GOT7 album. I hope that everyone enjoy this song and MV.

IKON (“Airplane” )

This song is another slow song from IKON. I really enjoy this song for the fact that this song once again showcase IKON’s vocals. I’m a sucker for slow show that showcase the artist vocals. This song is a  slow but have a powerful feel to it, the song is a smooth song and is a great feel song. I hope that everyone please give this song a listen.

IKON ( “Rhythm Ta” )

This song is have a more hip hop feel then “Airplane” This song have a more  IKON feel to it. This is the song that many people were waiting from them. Many where confuse by the fact that the first song that IKON release was so a slow song for them, I guest that this song would make more people happy since this song have more of the IKON feel to it. I hope that this song is also to everyone’s liking.

Ailee ( “Mind Your Business “)

This song is a very different song for Ailee but not really. I was pleasantly surprise with this song because I new that Ailee is a powerful vocalist but when I saw the MV I was surprise to see her dance ability. Ailee was not one of the artist that I had the time to sit down and got to know more about. I think that after this song I will be looking more about Ailee. I hope that everyone also enjoy this song.


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