Weekend Playlist

Hi everyone I hope that everyone had a great week and are looking forward for the weekend. I will once again would like to apologize for not posting last weekend playlist on time and will somehow will like to make it up to everyone with this weekend playlist. I hope that everyone have a great weekend full of fun and happy memories

Basik & Lil Boi ( ” Call Me “)

This song givet he feel a party song. This song is more or like about having a great time. This song is great for everyone that where waiting for the weekend to come. I hope everyone enjoy this song and have a great weekend.

Ailee ( “Insane”)

When I hear this song I wanted to tell everyone about it but since I did not posted last weekend I was not able to post it last week, So I decided to post it this week. I really enjoy listening to this song and I hope that this song is also to everyone liking  as well.

Taeyeon Ft Verbal Jint ( “I”)

This song is have a very indie feel to it. It also have an element of a band that make the song have a more unique feel to it . Taeyeon Vocals give the song a very angelic feel to it. I was pleasantly surprise with Taeyeon.  I hope that everyone also please this song a listen.

Hoya ( “Problem” )

This song is a cover of Ariana Grande “Problem”. I have to put this here because I really enjoy that Hoya put his on take on this song. He made this pop song song have more feel to the song. His rendition of the song gave the song a R&B feel of it. I hope everyone please give a listen.

Also please give a listen to this amazing cover of Big Bang “Loser” by SuperStarK 7 contestants


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