VIXX Chained Up MV Meaning

Hi everyone I’m so excited VIXX have finally have release their Music Video and I could not be happier. I have watch the MV and I have decided to find the story line or meaning behind this MV. I don’t know if any of the things that I say here have many truth but this is just my interpretation of the MV. I hope that this make sense and that you guys enjoy this little post.


So I  found the English translation of the lyric of “Chained Up”(Thanks to Fyeah-VIXX) ( ). So the song talks about how a guy is being imprison by love. He have become someone that can’t live without her and is willing to do anything for her. He is willing to take her bad treatment so he would be able to stay with her. He have let his guard down and is okay with what ever she want to do with him. In the end he have become nothing but a slave of love or a slave for her love.


The MV have many beautiful scene and some dangerous scenes (Please be warned before checking out the MV and If you already did saw it then you know what I mean). What caught my attention where the different rooms that the member’s where in. After watching the MV a few time I came to realization that this rooms have meaning behind them. This is only my interpretation (Please be advised that the MV may have  totally different meaning) So for the the first room that they present that is Hongbin’s (The red room with the bed and water in it ) the meaning behind the room is that it symbolize that he can’t leave the relationship. That even if she do all this bad thing he is still going to stay with her. It could also represent being trap and helpless. It could also be interpreted  as how he  has become imprison to her. The symbolism of Leo’s room (The room with the chains) is more or less how he have become a slave of love and he is now chained to her. He can’t leave her. He could do anything for her. He is chained by her forever. Hyuk room (The purple room with the stairs) represent how in a relationship there are up’s and down’s. The symbolism in N’s room (The light red room with broken glass on the floor) is that love always leave you with scars. It could also represent that love is not what it seems. Love have a different side to it. A mysterious side that could hurt you.  Ravi’s room (The light blue one with the curtains) represent when he became blind by love. He could only see her. He have loss himself. It could also be interpret as how sometimes when you are in love you lose you way. Then last but not least Ken’s room (The one with a glass cage with flower inside.) This room could be interpret as paradise. In the song it said “You are my jail and my paradise” I think that this also represent him being not able to leave. The song also talk about how he wants to be with her forever.

That it for now if I find out more about the meaning of the MV, I will make sure to update you guys. I hope that you enjoy this little interpretation of the MV.


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