Hi everyone I just wanted to write this post for everyone that was waiting for B.A.P.This post is for everyone that was waiting for them. I was waiting for them. I really can’t say nothing more than “Welcome back B.A.P”.


After a year and nine month B.A.P is back and this comeback is better than what I was expecting. I was  pleasantly surprise. I really like the album and the lyric of the songs. I really enjoy this album and also enjoy listening to each and every song. I also enjoy the message of the songs. I addition I also like that you could hear how much they have work to produce this album and not just for them self but also for their fans.This is a album for their fan and you could clearly hear that. I hope that everyone could also hear this.


The title track is “Young, Wild & Free”. The lyric’s is talking about how they are back and that how they feel about  being back. I really like the lyric in the song that say’s “I know we are better together”. I also enjoy the feel of the song. The song have a bit of a pop rock element to it that is goes really well with the feel of the song and make the lyric’s stand out. I really enjoy this song and the MV. The whole album had a get feel to it and it was a album made with the though of their fan in mind. I really enjoy the album and all the songs. I hope that everyone also enjoy.


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