Weekend Playlist

Hi everyone I hope that everyone had a great week and weekend. First of all I would like to apologize that this playlist is a little late but I just found the time now to post this. I hope that you everyone who see this post enjoy this little playlist. I also hope that this playlist make everyone a little more happy.

B.A.P (“Young,Wild&Free”) (“Take You There”)

B.A.P is back and better then ever. I really enjoy this song and the MV is really B.A.P. I really like the feel of the song and the lyric’s. This song have a bit of pop rock element to it this make the song have a very unique sound to it. This song stand out on it’s own. The second song “Take you there” is a song made for the fans. I enjoy the vocal in this song. This song is more slow than  “Young,Wild & Free”. I hope that everyone enjoy this song as much as I do.


Apology” is IKON’s new single that will be included in their full album with the same title as their mini album “Welcome Back“. This song is more of  a ballad song for IKON. I really enjoy this song fro IKON and it as refreshing to see them act on the MV. I really enjoy it. But I will let you guy’s judge the song by yourself. I hope that you guys enjoy.

Big Brain (“Welcome”)

This song is a ballad song and its a song that showcase the vocals very well. I’m a sucker for ballad for the fact that they showcase the artist vocal abilities very well. I hope that you guys guy this song a listen if you have not yet. I hope that this song is to you liking.

Lee Hong Gi (“Insensible”)

This song mark the official solo debut of Lee Hong Gi lead vocal of FTISLAND. Many have been waiting for this for a long time and it’s finally happening. I was happy when I hear that the was going to make a solo debut because I really enjoy listening to his voice. I hope that this song is to your liking.


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