Weekend Playlist

Hi everyone I know that it has being a while since I posted something but I have being a little busy. I hope you understand. I’m posting this little week playlist and I hope that it help you have a better week. I hope that you enjoy you weekend and are looking forward to see what this week would bring. I hope you enjoy this little playlist and thank you for reading this little blog. 😊

Teen Top (Warning Sign)

Teen Top is back with “Warning Sign”. I really don’t know how to explain it but this song have a similar jet different feel to their last comeback. But I really enjoy listening to this album. This song saw a different and mature side of Teen Top and I think that was what they where aiming for. I really enjoy listening to Teen Top and I’m so happy that they are back.

Crush (“Don’t Forget”)

This is a perfect winter song. I really  enjoy the feel of the song is perfect for this time of the year. I could never get enough of Crush voice. I just can’t get enough. This song have is featuring Taeyeon from Girls Generations. The melody of the song is really soothing. This song have many meanings but this is a song for the fans. This song is a message for the fan from Crush. I enjoy this song and the MV. I hope that you also enjoy this song.

Park Yu Chun (“How Much Love Do You Have In Your Wallet”)

I really enjoy the message of this song. The vocals also match the song really well. This sweet balled with a great message would be playing on my phone for some time. I really enjoy the message on this song. The meaning that sometime on your daily life there are thing that does not seem so important but to other is something that is their more important. This is how some people live their life but some people don’t understand. I believe that every little thing is important weather it’s on your or other people life.


ZICO (“I am you, You are me”)

VIXX (“Depend On Me”) 



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