Hi everyone I now taking time to write this post for you guys. So just like the tittle say I when to Infinite Effect in NYC and I would be writing about my experience and more.

The fist thing that I would like to say is that I was really happy to finally be able to see INFINITE live. I was excited just thinking about it. I feel in love with INFINITE and I was not able to go to their concert last year so, I had to go this year and I gad that I did. I had great fun and a great time. I meet other fans and made new friends. I really enjoy and I hope that other Inspirit also enjoy.

The setlist (I would put a playlist on the button of the page) was great I really enjoy each and everyone of the songs. I found myself singing along to every song. The performance to every song had me amaze. I could not believe the fact that I was seeing them perform live. Their dance move was just as what everyone say about them, It was perfect. What I was looking forward the most as for the audio and I was not disappointed. I have being to some concert where the audio did not help the artist but this was not the case. I was really pleasantly surprise by the vocals. I’m a sucker for great vocal and INFINITE did not disappoint me. I know that they are known for he live singing but now that I experience it I could confidently say that they are great at singing live. Even my sister commented on the fact that they sounded great almost if not the same as in their albums. I was so happy when she said that. By the way this concert made my sister a fan for sure.

During the concert there were a few thing that made my experience not so great like the fact that everyone was recording and where blocking my view a few time but other than that it was a great concert. What made up for those little things was the fat that INFINITE was full of fan service. They were being the over excited guy’s that the are. I they made every thing with just their smile. I was also please by the fact that you could tell that they where give it their all. They where happy and that made us fans happy as well. They are one of the few group that actually prepared something for the fans. For example they throw some little plush and paper airplane for the fans. That was really nice of them. I heard many fans say that they really enjoy this concert and that it was really great and amazing concert. For those of you that don’t know in NYC the day of the concert was really cold and the temperature was freezing levels ❄ and many fans where waiting out there for many hours and INFINITE show concern for everyone but asking if they where okay. That made me feel even better because they show that they really care about their fans. Another thing that I really enjoy was the fact that event though they had a translator they spoke in English for the the fan.

My overall experience was great. I had fun, my sister had fun and I got to see INFINITE live. I hope that to see them again  sometime soon. But until they come back again I would support them from here. I hope that everyone that went also had a great experience. In addition I also hope that after the 🌎 world tour is over they give them some vacation or time to rest. INFINITE fighting!!

P.s. (I would be posting a weekend playlist this week please look forward to it)

(Here are a few pictures of the concert. Credits to my sister)



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