VIXX 2nd & 3rd Teaser

Hi everyone I’m writing this post to keep you guys updated on VIXX upcoming comeback. JellyFish as announce have release 2 new teaser and one of them is a MV teaser. The MV teaser have many clues giving to us. The first is that MV is going to be a great one. The second one is the fact the each of the boy’s would have their own role or world that they represent. The other clue that we could get from the teaser is that they are 3 word that show’s on the screen but faded away really fast. Thank to some Starlight I got to know what those 3 words are (“Kastro, Zelos, and Hades”). I still don’t know what this words mean but after looking for the meaning for a few minute I found out that they are all Greek gods or  that they had something to do with the Greek god’s. The first teaser have the Greek word Kir or Ker on it which means goddess of death or doom. It could also have the meaning of a of destruction. Seeing the teaser again it could have any of this meanings. I would wait so see what clues the other teaser would give me.

A few hour later JellyFish drop another teaser this time it was photos. They drop a group photo and individual photos as well as a teaser that said “VIXX 5th Single Album” “Zelos”. From the teaser we could get that they would drop a single first and then the whole album but we would not know until April 19th.




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