VIXX 4th & 5th tag Teasers 

Hi everyone first I would like to say that I wish everyone have a great weekend. I would like to say that today I’m writing this post to let everyone know about the update on VIXX upcoming comeback. I would like to let everyone know that from what it looks like this upcoming comeback is going to be a year long project (Which I could not be happier about). Also the single album would consist of four songs including the instrumental version. The single album would be release on April 19th.  But before that VIXX would be holding a live chat countdown live in their V app channel on April 18 at 10:00 AM Korean Time. I hope that if you are able to watch it. In addition to these news VIXX  have release a concept film teaser for “Zelos”. In the  single album “Zelos” the tittle song would be “다이너마이트 (Dynamite)”. There are many theories going around about what the meaning of this concept is but I hope that on the live chat VIXX give us at least a hint about it. I hope that everyone is ready for VIXX comeback and I would be seeing you guys on their single album release date until then I hope that everyone have a great weekend.

"Zelos" Cover "Zelos" Tracklist "Zelos" Single Album


VIXX release a lyrics teaser on Instagram today here a picture

Vixx Lyrics

You could see the Video and more here (



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