VIXX Is Officially Back !

Hi everyone I know that it’s a little late to say this but VIXX is officially back. VIXX drop their album on April 19th and their MV on April 20th  Korean Time. I was so happy yesterday when I saw the MV. I first heard the song and let me tell you, this song caught me by surprise because is a very different type of song coming from VIXX. Ravi did gave us a hint that the song was going to be a bit funky but we all though “Oh Ravi Stop lying to us and playing with our heart” but at the end he was right. Well back to the topic VIXX have started promoting “Dynamite” since yesterday when the MV was out.They also held their showcase as well. I would do a MV meaning for “Dynamite” later today or later week please wait for it. I hope that you enjoy the MV and the album as much as I have. Thank you for reading this post and please keep on watching “Dynamite” MV and supporting VIXX and your favorite groups.


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