VIXX “Hades” Comeback News

Hi everyone I’m writing this little post to bring some VIXX update on their comeback. This post is for all of you guys that want to be up to date on VIXX upcoming comeback. In this post I will be posting only on things that I know. As stated in their last comeback post VIXX will be having a year long project which is a trilogy comeback,which mean that they will be a set of three comeback this year. The concept of the trilogy will consist on “Greek Gods“. This comeback make their second project with the name “HADES“. The release day will be August 12,2016. “Hades” is the continue of their last comeback “Zelos“. It shows to be a dark concept that we have not seem from VIXX in a while.


From what I saw on the scheduler teaser photo the album will be release first and then the Music Video. This caught my attention because the MV will be release two days after the album, which is a first for me. (I mean I don’t really mine but its feels weird .) Also what I caught from the first teaser is that this comeback is going to be a dark concept comeback ,which I really enjoy but I’m pretty sure that its going to be something that we have yet to see. This made me even more happy. HadesScheduler

VIXX "Hades"

Then today all the members as well as a group photo tease  were release. These teaser made many Starlights have a heart attack. (I know that it made me have one.) The way that they are all looking at the camera like that are looking at you in the eyes, it’s just amazing. I can’t wait for them to make a comeback. These teaser photos made me more excited than what I already was. I will keep you guys up dated with any other news that comes on VIXX comeback. I will also be doing a first listen on “Hades” please look forward to that as well. Thank You for always reading my little blog.

Hadesgroupphoto HadesHongbin HadesKen HadesLeo HadesN HadesRavi HedesHyuk

Little update VIXX update just a moment after this post. They drop the Track List of their 6th mini album “HADES“. “Hades” will consist of four songs the title song “Fantasy“, “Love Me Do“, “Butterfly Effect” and the Instrumental Version of “Fantasy“. HADESTracklist

This is the concept film of “Hades”

This is the new release teaser video of “Hades” “Highlight Medley”.

The new teaser was release for “Hades” tittle track “Fantasy” upcoming new Music Video.

Today VIXX 6th single album “Hades” has being release. I hope that everyone enjoy this album as much as me. The MV for the tittle track “Fantasy” will be release on August 15,2016. I hope that everyone is as excited as me to see how the MV will turn out. I will see you guys again on a MV meaning when the MV is release.


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