VIXX 6th Single Album “Hades” First Listen

Hi everyone I hope that everyone is having a great day today. I would first like to say to please be careful in these hot weather were having and to please stay hydrated. This hot weather could cause some harm to your health so please remember to drink a lot of water and stay hydrated. Now back to what  you guys are here for, In this post I will be taking about my experience and option from my first listen to VIXX album “Hades“. I would also like to say that these are my option and review of the album.


The first and title track “Fantasy” surprise me. The intro of the song gave me the feeling  of entering a Opera, a Musical or some could event say entering in to a Dreamland. I thought that the song was going to be like VIXX other dark concept song that have electronic feel to it, but this one is really different, Is more like they are telling a story as they sing. This song gave me the feeling of being in a theater a hearing a great story being told to me by VIXX through this song. This song really suits it tittle “Fantasy“. I really enjoy the dramatic break down. This song really gave me the feeling of being trap in a “Fantasy“. I really enjoy  this great comeback song from VIXX. Can’t wait to see what the MV for this song going to look like.

The second song by the name “Love Me Do“. This song is really different from the first one. This song have a very electronic feel to it with a  bit of pop feel. I really enjoy the little break that comes in the chorus. I also really enjoy that VIXX try experimenting with different styles. This song have a bit of R&B and Hip Hop and Pop with Electronic to it and I really enjoy it. I really enjoy how VIXX members showcase their voices in this song. This is one of my favorite song in the album. I really enjoy listening to this song.

Butterfly Effect” the third song of the album is a Ballad with a R&B feel to it. This song is a more slow song compare to the other songs.  The song gave me the feeling of a sad story being told. This song also is a song that help VIXX member showcase their vocals. In this song the vocal are shown with a more slow beat the help you have a better feeling and really heard VIXX vocal. I think this song is a good song and I really enjoy the soothing vocals and the song is a great ballad song from VIXX.

The last song from the album is “Fantasy” Instrumental version I which you could heard all the instrument use on the song. This is a perfect way to see what instruments where use to create the song. I really like to listen to the instrumental version of a songs whenever I’m reading or drawing. It really help me concentrate.


Overall I really enjoy the album. I know that I will be listening to this album for the rest of the week or even more. I hope that you guys also give VIXX “Hades” album a listen. I also wanted to say that this are all my option on the album. I hope that I did not offended anyone with my words and I also hope that everyone also enjoy listening to this album as much as me. VIXX Fighting! Starlights 🌠 Fighting!


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