VIXX “Fantasy” MV Meaning

Hi everyone I hope that everyone is having a great day today. Today have finally come, everyone today is the day that VIXX drop their MV to “Fantasy” and I can’t tell you just how excited I am. So as promise today I posting this MV meaning post. I would Just like to say that this are just my personal opinion and the MV could have a totally different meaning from the one stated in this post. I hope you enjoy this little Hypothesis on VIXXFantasy“MV.

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VIXX is finally back after almost four months. They are back with “HADES” their second part of their project of their year long trilogy project “Ker” or “Keres” (With the meaning of goddess of death and doom or illness.) Their past comeback was “Zelos” with the title track “Dynamite“. This new comeback by the name “Hades” title track goes by the name “Fantasy“. The album consist of four songs the title song “Fantasy“, “Love Me Do“, “Butterfly Effect” and the Instrumental  version of “Fantasy“.  The album by the name “Hades“, name after the Greek God of the underworld or the ruler of the underworld,the dead and the richest. Is a  very different from VIXX previous album “Zelos“. “Hades” have brought out a different color from VIXX. They are showing many different elements and different sides to them that we did not new on this new album. I hope that you enjoy listening to the album as much as me. (I will put a link below on my first listen to “Hades” post.)

I will start by talking about the lyrics of the song or the meaning of the song. The song talks about a guys how is living in a “Fantasy” after the girl he loves left him. It talks about how he will do anything to stay inside that “Fantasy” and never be without her. The song also talks about how the he is living in the darkness now that she is gone. The pain that he is feeling right now is something that is very hard for him to beard but he is still willing to live in there if it all means to have her back. This song is talking about the how he became part of the darkness and is asking for someone to help him. But he just keep on being in the darkness and in that “Fantasy” he has created.

Here is the link to the English translation to “Fantasy” Lyrics :

The beginning of the MV start with a very dark cloud in a forest or the woods looking place. Then they show the members looking loss and sad inside the wood. You could see a girl walking deep inside the woods. This lead me to believe that the members were following her or looking for her. To be more specific N is looking for the girl. While looking for the girl he encounter the other members, who I believe are not the greatest influence on him. They try to get him more deep into the darkness. I believe that the girl is the same girl from the previous MV “Dynamite” and that this video is a representation as to why did N personality turn out to be like that during “Dynamite“. It also lead me to believe that this is going to be a story that continues on to let us know more about what happened before things turn out the way they did. In addition to everything would I would  like to see if my theory of Leo and N being the same person is true or not. (I will keep you guys post it on that.) We will get all out answer in the final concept I guess. But until then we just have to wait and see. Also I would like so say that I discovered that Leo had his hand cover on “Dynamite” in both the MV and during the promotion and, then in this MV we get to see his hand uncover only to discover that he also have the same “Evil Eye” tattoo that N’s has. We also get to see Hyuk with a black envelope in his hand which he later on hands over to N. I also notice both Leo and N are tie to a chair. This gave me a even more clear view as to why to believe that Leo and N are the same person or maybe just maybe they are twins. In addition there was a scene just like the one in “Dynamite” where Leo and N stand in front of a mirror. I read in one comment on the MV of someone who believe that Leo and N change personality in this Video. I also believe that they could have change personality but the question is did they really change personalities? or are they really the same person from the past and the present? or Did who was Who from the very beginning? Or Could just live in different worlds? Well at the end we just have to wait and see what the real meaning behind the MV is when VIXX let us know.

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Well my overall hypothesis of the meaning of the MV is that Leo represent a guy that lives in reality, and there is a part of him represented by N now living in a “Fantasy” and don’t not want to let go of the “Fantasy” that he is living. He does not want to let go of the love the he have for the girl he loves and is willing to do anything to keep the “Fantasy” that he was living with her going. “I could do and turn himself into anything for her“. In addition the other members participate as obstacles that try to stop him or get him to stay on the darkness. The members themself are part of the darkness. They do not want to let him leave and  are contributing in a way to make him fall more deep into the darkness. They are what you could say helpers.

I hope that you enjoy my little hypothesis of the meaning behind “Fantasy” MV and I will also like to say that this is just a post with my opinion on what the MV means. This is by no mean the meaning behind the MV. I hope that I did not offended anyone with my opinion and I would like to apologize if I ever did. I hope you have a very wonderful day and see you guys soon on another post. Also please feel free to comment and let me know your theory of the MV.


3 thoughts on “VIXX “Fantasy” MV Meaning

  1. Daebakkkkk !!! 😮😮😮😮
    Now i understand 😄 and wow vixx song are really give me a big impact 😢 Now I know Fantasy is a continuation of Dynamite . I feel like “Wow this is really daebakkkk” and I feel sympathy with the characters in this song because i can feel it how we are in the fantasy when we are being abandoned 😢😢😢 it is very sad 😢😢😢😢😢
    Btw thanks for your information even i’m not very clear about the album but at least i understand the story of this song 😄😄😄😄 neomu neomu gamsahabnida 😄😄😄

    1. Hi STARLIGHT I would like to say thank you for the comment. I’m glad that this post help you at least a little to understand the concept and MV in some way. It made me really happy to see your comment. I hope you are having a great day where ever you are. Once again thank you.

  2. Maybe this is also related to Beautiful Liar. Did you notice how Leo and Ravi looked very similar from their LR mv

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