JJ Project is Back!!

       Hi everyone I’m writing this post because I’m really excited about JJ Project recent comeback. I have been a fan of JB and Jin Young since their “Dream High” days. I have been keeping an eye on them this hold time, I was so happy when JJ Project debut and then they debuted wit GOT7 and I was so happy for them. When the news that JJ Project was making a comeback I got so excited and here we are and I can’t be happier. I’m was really surprised with this mini album, the reason been is that this album is really different from anything that we have seen from JB and Jin Young on their first JJ Project debut and on GOT7. I was pleasantly surprised because of the songs on this mini album showcase JB and Ji Young vocal color really well. I really enjoy their harmonies. I also enjoy that this mini album is a good combination of different genre combines together to make a really well-balanced album. I hope that you also take a time to please listen to JJ Project “Verse 2” mini album. I hope that you also enjoy this album as much as I at the time. I hope that you enjoy the rest of your day and thank you for reading this little post. 🙂


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