Thank You Again 😊

Hi everyone I’m back and ready. I became really busy with everything this past weeks but I’m back and so happy to see you guy’s again. I would like to say thank you to everyone who are still here sticking with me. This playlist is a little thank you from me to everyone. I hope that everyone enjoy.

VIXX ( Love Letter)(Only You)

KIM FEEL (Nothing Without You)(Stay With Me)

BEAST (See You there, See you later)(Gotta Go to Work)

B1A4 (Try to walk)(What’s Happening?)  

B.A.P  (Feel So Good) (Where are you? What are you doing?)

INFINITE (Between You &Me)(Love Letter)

EXO (My Answer)(Moonlight)


Happy Holiday’s

Hi everyone I hope that everyone is having a good week so far and I hope that you guy’s are ready to enjoy the holiday that are coming your way. I made this little playlist to help everyone get into the holiday spirit. I hope that this little playlist help you everyone enjoy the holiday a little bit more.

Ailee (My Grown Up Christmas List) 


Roy Kim (It’s Christmas day ) 

EXO (Miracle in December)


B1A4 (It’s Christmas Time)                                                                                                                                                     

Jellyfish Ent (Love in the air) 


Infinite (Lately) 


TTS (Dear Santa)


Starship Ent (Softly) 


Got7 ( Confession song) 


B.A.P (Be Happy)

(Even if this is not a Christmas song I wanted to put it in here, because I want everyone to be happy on this day.)


Weekend Playlist

Hi everyone this weekend a little bit of everything for everyone.This week there have being a long week for me. I hope that you guys like and enjoy this weekend playlist. Happy weekend everyone. 🙂

VIXX_LR (Beautiful Liar)

I would like to say that this is one of my favorite song at the moment. I would also like to say to please check this album. LR are the first unit group from VIXX. I also did a MV meaning on this Music Video, I will put the link below. I would also like to say that this song and the song in the album are really good and it show the color of Leo and Ravi. Please give this song and VIXX_LR album a listen.  ( )

B1A4 (“10 년 후”)

Everyone B1A4 is finally back I’m really eHxcited that they are finally back and with this song is a ballad song. I enjoy listening to this song. I really enjoy the chorus of this song. The song give a feel of a confession song.  I hope that you guys enjoy. I did a album talk on this album so please check it out. ( )

Ha Dong Qn (Run)

I recently discover Ha Dong Qn by accident and discover a really amazing artist I ask myself “Why did I don’t discover him sooner?”. I really like his voice and I just wanted to let those if you guys that don’t know him know him. I hope that you guys also like him. I hope you enjoy this song.

Hyukoh (Come and Goes)

I really enjoy this song after listening to it for the first time in a long time. I really enjoy that this song is different from other song that are out there. I also like that it’s a little funky. I also enjoy listening to this type of song from time to time. I hope that you guys enjoy this song.

Simon Dominic ft Jay Park (won)

This song talk about a guy who work and love in a simple way. This song is the first song from Simon Dominic after being away from 2 years. I hope that you like and enjoy this song.


VIXX LR (Light)

I want to wish everyone a happy Weekend. This song is so good that I wanted to share it with everyone.


B1A4 “Sweet Girl” Album Talk

Hi everyone I decided to do a album talk on B1A4 “Sweet Girl”. After listening to their album I though that I had to do a album talk on this album. I really enjoy my first listen on this album.

Sweet Girl

I really enjoy that this album have a compete feeling to it. In my opinion all the song in the album go so well together. Sometime I have a problem with some song on the album that I make me think “Oh this song does not really fit in”. I really enjoy the feeling of this album. The feeling of a past love story in the summer time. I got that retro feeling with this album.

I really enjoy listening to all the songs on the album but the songs that caught my attention where “Sweet Girl” this song had a funk and retro feel to it, that I enjoy listening. This song is not something that any kpop group releasing right now are doing and I think this set them apart from the others. The other song that caught my attention was “10 년 후” this song is one of those song that I have to really think for a long time about what to say but I could not find the right word to use to describe it. The only thing that I can say is that I really like listening to it and will be sure to put it on my playlist for the week. The other are also really enjoyable to listen to like for example “You are Girl and I’m a Boy” This song also give the retro feel that “Sweet Girl” give but this song feel like it’s telling the story of a summer love story, Like a past love story from the 90’s or 80’s. I enjoy listening to “Wait” this song is a ballad that give me the feeling that I could listen to this song on a Kdrama or Movie. The last song is “Love Magic” 

This Weekend Playlist

This weekend Playlist is about song that have that feel good feel. I hope that you guys feel good by listening to this playlist. I hope everyone enjoy and have a great weekend.

Big Bang (Let’s Not Fall In Love)

I really enjoy listening to this. This song is a great song to listen. I always get the feeling of going out and having a great time after listening to this song. I like listening when in walking down the street. I some time find myself singing along with the song. I hope that everyone one please listen to this song I also being enjoying listening to GD and TOP song “Zutter”.

B1A4 (Sweet Girl)

This song have a feeling of  wonderland. I really like the old school sound that this song have. I also like the funk feel that the song give. I also like that with this comeback B1A4 is showing a different side to them. I always like B1A4 for the fact that they show a different side of them self in every comeback. Please watch and enjoy this song.


I really like this song because this song talks about how you don’t have to change anything. “You are Just Right “. That what the song talks about. I like that message of this song. I hope that you guys like to  listen as well. I hope that this song help everyone well that they are “Just Right”

SHINEE (Marry The Music)

I like the feel of this song. I like that summer feel of the song. I also like that this song have the a old school feel to it. I believe that the lyric of the song have a double meaning. One of the meaning of the song from my point of view is that they found a girl that have turn into their everything and feel in love with her and she have turn into this his everything. The other meaning of the song could be that music have turn into their everything and they have decided to live their live by doing music forever. With one of this meaning making more sense than the other, I hope you guys enjoy this song.

TBT is back!

Hi everyone I decided to bring back Throw Back Thursday this week. I hope that you guys enjoy this week TBT.

For those of you guys that don’t know what TBT is. It a poll that I make asking you guys which Idol or group do you guys think have made the best evolution from debut until now. I will write a special post about the group that won. I hope you guys participate and enjoy this little post.


I decided to put in BEAST this week since they made a recently made a comeback this week. I was waiting for their comeback all this time and I’m really happy right now. I hope that you guys enjoy this playlist.


I wanted to put B1A4 last week on the post I was going to post but could not post do to technical problems, so I decoded to put them up this week. I really enjoy listening to B1A4 songs and I hope that if you guys have not give them a chance this post will help with that.

ZE:A :

I think that ZE:A had yet reached their full potential. I know that they still have more to show than what they have shown. I really hope that they would release their full potential with and amazing song that will let show how amazing vocals  they have. I know that they are one of the underrated group. I hope that they show more of them self in their new songs. I hope that you guys please give them a chance and please listen to their song.



I have grown to like SHINEE at first I did not pay them much attention but one day I decided to give them a try and I listen to some of their song and they made me in to a fan. I really like SHINEE and their comeback are better and better every time. I hope that you guys also give them a try and listen to their music.

What have you being up to?

So while I was away I did many things that I need to tell you guys. First thing first guys I went to see B1A4 for their Round Trip in NYC. B1A4 is one of my top bias group. I was so happy when I went to see them that I could not get my camera to focus so I decided to give up. (I will put the photos on the button.) When I went to see B1A4 it was my 4th kpop concert. I was really excited  that it all felt like a dream. I mean almost all the concert that I have gone to have felt like a dream. I want to take time to say that is thank to these concert that I was able to meet many fan like me. They are all so friendly and nice. I always thankful to those fan that are friendly and just want to meet other fans. I will also want to say that I will be going to my 5th concert this November. I think that I will die after this concert because the group that is coming is no other than V.I.X.X. Vixx is my favorite group and I have waited so long to see them. I know that there’s many people that have waited for them as well. I will finally be meeting them. OMG.( I will talk more about it when we get more closer to the concert.) Thank you for reading, hope that you guys have a great and happy day.

P1120210 P1120216 P1120220 P1120230 P1120239 P1120240 P1120241 P1120244 P1120250 P1120251



 The first band that I would like to about is my favorite band and I know that I already talk about them in my first post but what I would like to talk about now is about them  and how they became who they are now. I would also like to talk about the way that they music influence  my life. 

 The first thing that I would like to explain is how the name B1A4 was created. Well the reason behind the name is not very creative. Their five member on the band and one of the member is a type B blood and the other four are blood A type. This is the meaning behind the name B1A4. 

 The group debut on April 23 2011. The group was introduce to the public by webtoon. The webtoon release on April 11 made many believe that the group was mixed gender group. The reason being on the main character of the webtoon Anna. This was later proven to be a mistake made by many. On the same day that the webtoon introduce the guys WM Entertainment introduce photo of the guys. The first tease of single “O.K” with was their debut single was on April 19. Later on April 21 the full music video was release and the group made their debut on April 23. They made their debut on the stage of South Korean music show “M Countdown” by network Mnet.  Continue reading “B1A4”