Sorry No Kpop TBT :(

I’m sorry to say that that today there would not be a KPOP TBT post I’m currently thinking of something to make KPOP TBT more fun for everyone . I would also like to hear if anyone have some ideas of what I should do to make it more interesting for you everyone. I will let everyone know when I will post Kpop TBT again. I hope that I could find something by next week to not let everyone wait for so long. I hope that everyone understand and please feel free to write and ideas on the comments section below. I will still be posting weekend playlist for you guys so please don’t feel to sad about this. Please look forward to tomorrow’s playlist. I hope that everyone is having a good day or night and I will see you tomorrow.


Kpop TBT

Hi everyone I know that I have not being posting as much this past few week but I’m getting busy and I can’t promise to make more post than what I’m already making. I will try really hard to make more post for you guys. No back to what you everyone is here. This week Throw Back Thursday will consist of many different song and artist that you all many already know but what about their debut songs. Do you guy’s remember those well I’m here to take you back to that time again.


“We Belong Together”

“Let’s Not Fall In Love”

Teen Top 




“Come Back Again”


Super Junior  





“Gotta Be You”




Kpop TBT

Hi everyone today’s Kpop TBT would consist on the following. This week I want to do something different from the past few week. I have decided to put some of the well known kpop idol or group from back in the day’s. I hope you guy’s enjoy this week Kpop TBT. Please make sure to vote below.

JYP: Don’t Leave Me

H.O.T  : Candy

Seo Taiji & The Boy’s : I Know

TVXQ : Mirotic

FinKL: Lover Forever

Rain: Bad Guy





Hi everyone I hope that you all are having a great week. Today Kpop TBT would be a little different from the last one. Today’s Kpop TBT would not be a playlist it would consist on a real throw back. I would be posting song or Video from the old day’s of Kpop and I will put a poll below asking everyone which song did they enjoy listening. I hope you guys enjoy this little Kpop TBT.

I really enjoy listening to these song cause it give the 90’s feel really well. It also make me want to go back in time and party with all of them. I want to go back and party on the 90’s thank to this song.

쿨 (Cool) – (Sorrow)

Seo Taiji & Boy’s (Come Back Home)

Kim Gun Mo (Wrongful Meeting)

Turbo (Twist King)

Jo Sung Mo (I swear)



Kpop TBT

Hi everyone this week Kpop TBT would be be old school. I really wanted to do this for a long time. I hope that you guys enjoy this week TBT.

For those of you that don’t know what Kpop TBT is. Kpop TBT is a post that I post every Thursday and I post a playlist for Music Video that show the group or artist evolution from debut to now. Then I put a poll at the end of the post for everyone to vote on who do they think had the best evolution. After the a week of voting then I will write a special post on the winning artist. I hope that you guys enjoy this week Old School Kpop TBT.







TBT is back!

Hi everyone I decided to bring back Throw Back Thursday this week. I hope that you guys enjoy this week TBT.

For those of you guys that don’t know what TBT is. It a poll that I make asking you guys which Idol or group do you guys think have made the best evolution from debut until now. I will write a special post about the group that won. I hope you guys participate and enjoy this little post.


I decided to put in BEAST this week since they made a recently made a comeback this week. I was waiting for their comeback all this time and I’m really happy right now. I hope that you guys enjoy this playlist.


I wanted to put B1A4 last week on the post I was going to post but could not post do to technical problems, so I decoded to put them up this week. I really enjoy listening to B1A4 songs and I hope that if you guys have not give them a chance this post will help with that.

ZE:A :

I think that ZE:A had yet reached their full potential. I know that they still have more to show than what they have shown. I really hope that they would release their full potential with and amazing song that will let show how amazing vocals  they have. I know that they are one of the underrated group. I hope that they show more of them self in their new songs. I hope that you guys please give them a chance and please listen to their song.



I have grown to like SHINEE at first I did not pay them much attention but one day I decided to give them a try and I listen to some of their song and they made me in to a fan. I really like SHINEE and their comeback are better and better every time. I hope that you guys also give them a try and listen to their music.

TBT (Something new for the Blog)

Hi guys I was thinking that I should do  something new for the blog and then the though of a Throw Back Thursday  came to me. I will be posting some throw back of some of your favorite Kpop groups and then I will put a poll at the button of the post and you guys could pick which group had the best throw back. I will post two or more video of each group. The videos will be debut video and latest comeback. That way you guys could see the difference between then and now. I hope that you guys enjoy and please tell me if you guys like me to continue this or should I stop.

Today’s TBT will be consisting of the following groups.


Please be advise: (I put “Hyde” twice for those of you guys that don’t like gory stuff.)